Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Tour

Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Tour

Abraham Lincoln StatueAbraham Lincoln was a rare man of honor, honesty and dependability in a world where being honest doesn’t always pay. But, they called him “Honest Abe” for a reason.

For many, Lincoln signifies standing up for human rights and for what you believe in. Who doesn’t know about the tragedy of his assassination and the immortalized words he spoke in Gettysburg?

Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Tour

To honor the 200 year anniversary of his birth, there will be celebrations all across our great nation. Lincoln, a humble man, probably would have been embarrassed, but this is a wonderful opportunity to teach your kids about a big pieces of history.

In an article by Alan Solomon, of the Dallas Morning News, you’ll discover how to follow Lincoln’s footsteps through life from his birth to his death.

Follow Lincoln’s Footsteps article

You can get news on additional celebrations at the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission and VisitIndiana.com.


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