$50 Grocery List for Dollar Tree

$50 Grocery List for Dollar Tree

Okay, so I promised you I was going to take a look at some items you can get a Dollar Tree and a menu you can make with them. I was able to come up with a halfway decent menu based on items from the Dollar Tree. I set a budget of $50 for this list. You’ll find a list of items to buy and meal plans.

Note that this isn’t gourmet food and it is lacking fresh produce. This time of year, you may have some produce from your garden. If not, take at least $5 or $10 additional and head to your local farmer’s market for some deals. You can simply add in cut up fruit and veggies as a side. Make sure to buy a head of lettuce for salads in the meal plans.

This menu feeds at least two people, but if you are a family of three or you have young children you can likely stretch it to feed more.


  1. Grossner Foods premium 2% milk (1 quart)
  2. Cereal (selections vary)
  3. Block of cheese (types of cheese may vary – this is a small block, too)
  4. Box of saltines
  5. Hormel pepperoni
  6. Hunts pasta sauce
  7. Pizza sauce if available, if  not second can of pasta sauce
  8. Golden Home thin pizza crust – 12″
  9. Quick oats
  10. Peanut butter
  11. Jelly
  12. Bread (If not available, stop by Aldi for a loaf of bread)
  13. Tuna
  14. Mayo
  15. Pickles
  16. Potato chips
  17. Eggs (again, this is something where availability can vary – you may also want to watch the size of packages and compare costs)
  18. Double up on eggs (you want at least a dozen)
  19. Canned soup
  20. Canned soup
  21. Chicken broth
  22. Ribeye steak from freezer section
  23. Second ribeye steak
  24. Can of fruit
  25. Second can of fruit
  26. Box of mac and cheese
  27. Nuts (you’ll find a few different sizes and types)
  28. Garlic bread from freezer section. If your store doesn’t carry, you can find packaged bread mixes in the baking section that will work as a substitute.
  29. Pasta of choice (spaghetti, etc.)
  30. Beans
  31. Rice
  32. Tortillas
  33. Shredded cheese (will be using in quiche)
  34. Pancake mix
  35. Syrup
  36. Butter or margarine (if you already have some on hand or they don’t have at your store, you can sub a treat for this item. Think candy night.
  37. Small container of ice cream*
  38. Candy*
  39. Popcorn*
  40. Trail mix*
  41. Fruit juice*
  42. Soda*
  43. Item of choice
  44. Item of choice
  45. Item of choice
  46. Item of choice
  47. Item of choice
  48. Item of choice
  49. Item of choice
  50. Item of choice

In total, there are 8 items you can choose to fill in your shopping list. I highly recommend that you choose canned or frozen fruits, vegetables and frozen meats if available to up the nutrient factor of this plan.


Day # 1

  • Breakfast: Cereal & Milk
  • Lunch: Cheese & crackers with fresh fruit on side
  • Dinner: Pizzas

Day # 2

  • Breakfast: Oatmeal
  • Lunch: Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, sliced up veggies
  • Dinner: Tuna fish sandwiches and chips

Day # 3

  • Breakfast: Eggs and toast (use no more than four eggs)
  • Lunch: Soup and salad (you’ll find a variety of soups)
  • Dinner: Ribeye steak slices, canned fruit

Day # 4

  • Breakfast: French toast (use up remaining bread and a couple of eggs)
  • Lunch: Mac ‘n’ cheese and fresh fruit
  • Dinner: Use up any remaining produce to create a large salad. Slice up leftover steak and add to salad.

Day # 5

  • Breakfast: Oatmeal with canned fruit
  • Lunch: Leftovers (every once in a while, you should just pull everything out of your fridge that is left over and create a little buffet of treats. You can always round it out with nuts and additional canned items)
  • Dinner: Pasta with garlic bread

Day # 6

  • Breakfast: Cereal and milk
  • Lunch: Peanut butter and jelly with remaining chips
  • Dinner: Use remaining eggs and make a quiche with ingredients on hand. If you have a few pepperonis left, make a pepperoni and cheese quiche. Have steak? Maybe you have some fresh veggies left.

Day # 7

  • Breakfast: Sausage and pancakes
  • Lunch: Canned meat, olives and any remaining veggies or fruit (don’t let it go bad, but use it up)
  • Dinner: Rice and bean burritos. If by some small chance you have some meat left over, go ahead and add it to your burrito for a protein boost.


There are so many different types of snacks you can get at the Dollar Tree. I’ve chosen a few for you in the list, but they are marked with asterisks. You can sub these for whatever you most enjoy.

I’ve also left some options open so you can fill it in with foods you and your children enjoy.

Drawbacks of Dollar Tree Shopping

As I put this list together, it became really clear that it is pretty difficult to shop healthy here. Either you are buying canned fruits and vegetables with a lot of sodium, or you are eating a high carb, high gluten diet. If you’re trying to go low carb or gluten-free, steer away from this list.

If you want to get your shopping done quickly and save a little money for a week or two, you can do well at this store and it’s a fast in and out shopping trip. If you are lucky enough to have a freezer and refrigerated section at your dollar store, you’ll have more options for frozen fruits, vegetables and meats.

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