5 Super Simple Ways to Monetize Your Baking Skills to Make Extra Bucks

5 Super Simple Ways to Monetize Your Baking Skills to Make Extra Bucks

Watching all those cooking shows makes us crave all the savory and delightful baked goodies and enrages our hunger pangs, but have you ever considered making money out of it?

Of course, you must’ve had a fleeting thought about it sometime when you wished you could bake in front of the world and attract all the fame the camera can bring you.

It’s not always about the smile and wave game once you realize that you’re tight on your budget and alas, you abandon your dreams and desires to become a proper chef.

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Hey you, cheer up! It’s never too late to achieve your dreams, especially when you’re almost hand-to-mouth.

If you’re a housewife who knows how to bake (and loves it) and has an apron, you can earn money by simply putting together your baking list and following these 5 super simple ways to monetize your baking skills to let some extra cash flow in!

Steps to Monetize your Baking Skills

  • Gather equipment
  • Find delicious recipes
  • Get to know local food laws
  • Decide on a baking list
  • Market your baked goods

1. Gather Equipment

Almost every kitchen has an oven and cooking utensils that are used for everyday cooking and baking. You know that you’ve got to keep the budget within your limits, so it’s okay to be content with whatever you have at the moment. Just keep it simple and significant as you’re starting from scratch right now. You can invest in better equipment later when you see your baking business catapulting.

2. Find Delicious Recipes

Just because you’re tweaking your budget doesn’t mean that you can’t lay your hands on the best and most scrumptious recipes available.

It’s time to open your grandma’s famous old family recipe book and scour the internet for new ideas. Or maybe you can even invent your own recipes by blending the traditional and novel baking ideas. Start experimenting and discover a portal to the divine baking dimension – obviously on a budget!

3. Get to Know Local Food Laws

Before you’re all pumped up to get started on your baking expedition, make sure you’re aware of the rules and regulations regarding the sale of home-baked goods. These rules and regulations are known as ‘cottage food laws’ and they vary state by state.

However, if you’re interested in exploiting your potential for selling baking goods from home, you got to go the extra mile and get yourself a license or permit to own your baking business. Although it requires a small fee, the profit-yet-to-come is unimaginable!

4. Deciding on a Baking List

Well, you’ve got the equipment, you’ve collected the recipes and tried them, and you’ve got yourself an official baking license, but there’s something missing.

Yes, it’s the question that still lingers. What Should I bake?

Your business is new and you want to thrill your customers with your baking skills and ideas even when starting out on a tense budget. But then again, how should you be doing that?

The simple and easiest way to publicize your baking items is to cater baking goods for the people close to you, such as family, friends, neighbors, and relatives. If you gain a reputation for a particular item, say mocha chocolate cupcakes or mirror-glazed cakes, this can be your cue to start!

Also, don’t try to rush things. Declutter your baking list and limit yourself to the items you’re good at. However, the good news is, you can always cater to your new customers once your baking is well-received.

5. Market Your Baked Goods

As mentioned before, the reason you’re baking is that you’re tight on your budget and you want to earn some extra bucks. And for that reason, you need to market your bakery in the most efficient way possible.

It seems pricey, but believe me, you can manage to market your bakery items by selecting or designing a bakery logo. You might want to communicate your message with bright colors as most people purchase bakery items to celebrate occasions and festivities. After all, your customers are the cherry to your pie!

Take advantage of your tech gadget and display your products with a creative and unique edge, if you’re opting to go online. This step will help you present a professional image of your business.

Let Them Eat Cake!

Baked goods can be hearty, healthy, and delicious when they’ve got the freshness and goodness of home cooking. Despite the challenges you might confront, your willingness and eagerness to own a baking business and make it grow is all that counts.

Just remember; the more you bake, the better at it will you get. 

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