3-Day Low Carb Challenge – How to Start a Low Carb Diet Today

3-Day Low Carb Challenge – How to Start a Low Carb Diet Today

Join me in a three-day challenge to get back on track with low carbing or get started for the first time. The goal of the challenge is to detox from carbs and get over those horrid carb cravings that can create a vicious cycle of eating food that isn’t good for you, vowing to do better, craving the bad food, eating it again, ad naseum.

Step 1

Let’s set some goals. My goal is to lose an additional 30 pounds by my birthday, which will get me to my goal. I have lost 30 so far, and this is the second half. I’ve been at a standstill for quite a while, so it’s time to get serious again. This is my goal for the next few months. What is your goal? Feel free to share below or jot it down for your own personal use.

Step 2

Throw the junk out of your house. Have a family that wants the junk? They really don’t need it either, but trust me that it is a lot easier to stick to the plan if you get the junk out. Replace that junk with tons of meat, healthy fats, and veggies for later in the week.

Step 3

Plan your meals. As we go through the week, I’ll be adding recipes. However, have an idea of what meats you would like to use. You can find great meal ideas at the Atkins website to get you started.

Let’s do this! Three days is something anyone can commit to. It will also take us past hump day and get us to the weekend on the right footing to resist all those weekend goodies.

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