Mason Jar Pinterest Crafts Roundup

Mason Jar Pinterest Crafts Roundup

A couple of times a week, I head over to Pinterest and check out some of the different crafts, recipes and unique ideas people are posting. One thing I’ve noticed lately are mason jar crafts. Here are some of the cuter ones I’ve seen. What do you think? Have you tried any Mason jar craft projects?

  • Wall Art: Attach Ball Mason Jars to boards, hang on wall, add fresh flowers.
  • Pink and Glittery Makeup Brush Holder: Paint jar with pink glass paint. Dip bottom in glue and glitter. Super cute for a girl’s bedroom.
  • Distressed Chalk Board Mason Jars: These little jars will hold anything and are as simple to make as painting on some chalkboard paint.
  • Outdoor Wedding Lights: Fill bottom third of jar with colored sand, hang from trees, add tealights. This creates a rustic, beautiful outdoor fairy wonderland.
  • Mason Jar Organizer: Mount small jars to a board. Hang board in bathroom. Get organized. Another tip… paint the jars in chalkboard paint first to give them a color coordinated, distressed look. See craft above for details.
  • Give a Cute Gift: This craft turns a simple Mason jar into a Mickey and Minnie extravaganza.
  • Candle Holder for Centerpieces: A little more work to etch the glass and then paint around it, but this candle holder is super cute. It would be perfect for wedding, a nice dinner or even to give as a gift.
  • Durable Tissue Holder: This is a cute gift for a teacher or to keep in your bathroom or a guest room.
  • Pincushion with Space Inside: Add a pincushion to the top of a Mason jar and you’ll have a mini sewing box where you can stow threads and extra items inside the jar.

How have you used Mason jars to decorate or organize your home?

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