Cheap Pork Loin and BBQ

Cheap Pork Loin and BBQ

Dear readers,

Just a very quick note today. Kroger (at least in my area) has pork chops and loin on sale this week. I managed to snag a HUGE pork loin that was normally almost $20 for only $7.50.

There are so many different things you could do with these huge pork loins.

  1. Go ahead and slice into thick wedges and bake as you need.
  2. Split in half and cook half for dinner and half for BBQ.

I meant to split mine in half, since most nights it is just my husband and I. Our oldest daughter is away at college and our youngest is busy with classes and work (she’s staying home and going to school). However, I forgot, so here is my plan:

Night # 1

Slow cook the pork loin in my Pampered Chef Deep Dish Baker. I will salt and pepper it, but that is about all I’ll do. I want to keep it fairly simple, because I want to utilize the leftovers rather than wasting a huge portion of this big pork loin.

Night # 2

I’ll slice up some of the tenderloin into smaller pieces and serve on a bed of homemade cabbage. I actually have a recipe I plan to create and which I will share if it is as tasty as I think it will be.

We recently visited Jamaica and they created this amazing chicken, rice and beans, and Jamaican cole slaw for us at lunch one day. I plan to recreate this meal, only with pork. I’ll keep you posted on how it turns out.

Night # 3

I’m going to shred any remaining pork and turn it into BBQ. Leftover slaw can be placed on top and the whole thing served with or without buns (for low carbers in our house).

So, this one pork loin is going to give us at least three meals, but I suspect we’ll have a ton of BBQ left that I can freeze and use for meals at other times. Also, I almost always have enough food left for our lunches the next day.

For $7.50, this was a great deal. Go ahead and go pick one up at your local store. You can freeze it and unthaw when you’re ready to use it.

Here are some of the best recipes for pork tenderloin I’ve come across recently: