How to Make the Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs – How Long to Hard Boil an Egg

How to Make the Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs – How Long to Hard Boil an Egg

How long do you cook a hard-boiled egg? 12 minutes is the simple answer, but the process is a lot more involved. It sounds like an easy thing to make, a hard-boiled egg, but knowing how long to hard boil an egg can be challenging. If your eggs are rubbery, runny in the middle, or hard to peel, then you can use these tips that will help you boil the perfect hard-boiled egg.

As a mom, I have cooked untold numbers of hard-boiled eggs over the years. The best way to learn how to cook the perfect egg is trial and error. However, hopefully I can help you cook a hard boiled egg easily with these tips.

Tip # 1: How Long to Cook a Hard Boiled Egg

As I mentioned before, there is a lot more to cooking the perfect hard boiled egg than just throwing an egg in a pot of water and boiling it.

  • Place your eggs in the bottom of a sauce pan. You don’t want the eggs too crowded and a single layer works best. If you need to boil more eggs, invest in a larger pot or cook them in batches for the best results.
  • Cover the eggs with tap water (just tap temperature is best).
  • Place the pot of eggs covered in water on your stove top and set the burner to high heat. Bring the pot to a hard boil.
  • Add 1/2 teaspoon of salt to a small pot or 1 teaspoon to a large one. This will make the eggs easier to peel. I don’t know why, just do it because mom says.
  • Once you’ve added the salt, turn the burner off but leave the pot on that hot burner. If you own a convection stovetop, put it on the lowest heat possible.
  • Leave there for 12 minutes. You can leave them a bit longer if you are cooking or preparing other things. I’ve left them on the burner for up to 18 minutes with no problem.

Tip # 2: How to Cool the Hard-Boiled Eggs

It is just as important how you cool the eggs as how you cook them. Once the time is up, drain off the hot water and run cold water over the eggs. Drain, add more cold water. Now, add about 10-12 ice cubes (double if using a large pot) and let sit for five minutes. This will cool the eggs so you can peel them. If the ice cubes melt and you aren’t quite ready to peel, add a few more ice cubes, but don’t wait too long to peel the eggs.

Tip # 3: When to Peel Boiled Eggs

I get the best results when I peel them as soon as they have cooled. If you let them sit too long, the shells tend to stick to the egg and create an ugly, pitted surface instead of a smooth, pretty hard-boiled egg. If you are making deviled eggs, for example, then this is important. If you’re just cutting the eggs up to put them in a salad, then it might not matter.

See? Hard-boiled eggs really are pretty simple to make once you know how long to boil the eggs and how to go about cooling and peeling them.