Keepsake Tablecloth for Holidays

Keepsake Tablecloth for Holidays

Have you ever thought about starting a keepsake tablecloth for holidays? I just finished reading an article on ABC News about a family who started a tradition of having family members sign a tablecloth each year. What a beautiful idea. I am going to borrow from this idea and start a tradition of my own.

I noticed theirs was embroidered and knowing myself I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever (times a million) go back and embroider those signatures. I just won’t. So, I’m going to adapt the idea and have everyone use sharpies instead of trying to embroider, because what would happen is that I would SAY I was going to embroider and it would never get done.

After much reading and research, I’ve come to the conclusion that I have two options.

  1. I can buy an all-cotton tablecloth, have them use permanent marker, wash in cold water, and set with an iron.
  2. I can use a vinyl tablecloth with permanent markers.

What a fun way to start a new tradition.