Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Thanksgiving Centerpieces

When I was a little girl, we would always go to my Aunt Dean’s house for the holidays. Oh, how I loved to go there. She was one of those women who made you feel welcome and like she’d been waiting for just you to arrive to start the party (she made everyone feel that way). She always had each person’s favorite dessert ready and her house would be decorated beautifully.

There have been few times in my life that I’ve really felt that loved and wanted in an environment and like I could be completely myself and she would love me anyway. Thanksgiving always makes me think of my Aunt Dean and of the holidays. She always had a beautiful centerpiece on her table and so I thought I’d spend a little time sharing some centerpieces I’ve come across lately and loved.

Make These Gorgeous Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Tiered Dessert Centerpiece

tiered thanksgiving centerpieceThis centerpiece is so simple but looks quite elegant. Simply take a dessert tray with three tiers and arrange some pumpkins and gourds on it. You could also weave in some brightly colored fall leaves.

Golden Pumpkins

golden pumpkinsSometimes taking something as simple as a pumpkin and changing it a bit can make the most beautiful centerpiece you’ve ever seen. Better Homes and Gardens offers this image of gold painted pumpkins and candle holders to show you just how easy it can be to achieve a look of elegance for your Thanksgiving table.

Roses in Pumpkin

roses in pumpkinA pumpkin as a base for a rose floral arrangement? Why not? Jenny Steffens proves on her blog just how simple putting together this centerpiece is. Yet, it is so very elegant and beautiful. The key is to use the right colors to get just that perfect fall fresh look. She uses a mix of orange roses and burnt orange mums. If you stick with yellows, deep reds, oranges, and browns, you shouldhave the perfect look.

Hurricane Vases/Candle Holders

hurricane vasesAmanda Jane Brown had a simple idea that also turns out to be a gorgeous centerpiece. She took three hurricane bases, filled them halfway up with corn kernels and then set candles inside. She finished the look with a leaf on the outside tied into place with twine. Gather them all on a tray or arrange them however you’d like.

Keep It Simple

My Aunt Dean knew one thing. She knew to keep the little things simple and to focus on the people. Don’t get so caught up in creating the centerpiece that you lose time with those you love. After all, Thanksgiving is all about time with family and remembering what we should truly be thankful for.