Cheap Cruise Vacations

Cheap Cruise Vacations

One of the cheapest vacations you can take is a cheap cruise. Cheap cruise vacations from places like Galveston, Texas, New Orleans, Louisiana, and Miami, Florida are dependent upon several factors.

One of our favorite memories as a family is our cruise vacation just a couple of years ago. It is such a blessing to be in the middle of the ocean where the kids can’t connect to the Internet and have no reason to be on their telephones 24/7. We opted to not buy the WIFI plans, so that we would have their undivided attention.

Why is a cruise such a cheap vacation? One thing that helps is that all your food and your sleeping arrangements are included as well as most of your entertainment. Be frugal about what you spend while on board, though. You can quickly rack up costs buying soft drinks, souvenirs, playing bingo, etc. Here are Mom’s top tips to save money on your next cheap cruise vacation:

  • Travel in the off season. Everyone wants to go on a cruise during holiday breaks for their kids. If you can manage to go during an off-peak time, you’ll pay as much as 1/3rd less.
  • Carry on your own drinks. You can take on board with you a cooler and 12-packs of sodas. Your room steward will bring you ice if you ask. Just be sure to tip him a little extra for his amazing service.
  • Book when there is a special going on. You may get extra onboard credits to use for drinks and other goodies, for example.
  • Book the cheap rooms. Yes, they are cramped and not as nice as a suite. However, you won’t spend much time in your room and you’ll save a fortune.
  • Join their rewards program. The more you cruise, the more perks you’ll get.
  • Go ahead and pay the few dollars extra to book your excursions through the cruise line. Why? If something happens while you’re off the ship, say your bus breaks down, and you don’t make it back before sailing time, then the ship will not wait on your group if you did not book through them. On the other hand, if you did book through them, they typically wait until your group returns.
  • Buy travel insurance, but not from the cruise line. You can buy it much cheaper on your own from any number of insurance companies.
  • Choose just one photo you love and buy that one only. Don’t spend a fortune on cheesy cruise photos.

Have fun! A cruise vacation is one of the least expensive vacations you can take, but you’ll make many rich memories that will last you a lifetime.