The ClickList Female Revolution

The ClickList Female Revolution

Have you tried Kroger’s new ClickList service? Basically, you choose items online, choose a pickup time, and pull into a bay to pick up your groceries. They load them in your car and you’re on your way. It typically takes 5-10 minutes as opposed to almost an hour in the store. Recently, though, I’ve started to notice something strange when I go to pick up our groceries.

Even though we live in a time period where women are considered equal to men, in many families there are still very specific roles that are played. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with this. In fact, I think that God made men and women very different and most women enjoy the nurturing involved in cooking and caring for their families. However, the interior of the home has been the domain of many women and some of us work, volunteer, and are overwhelmed. A little help here and there is a wonderful thing and most men are happy to help their wives if they know what to do.

Ladies, have you ever sent your husband to the store with a list and he comes home and informs you they were out of cream cheese but he went ahead and got you sour cream instead? (insert any inappropriate food and substitute here). I love my husband dearly, but I have literally given him directions with the brand name, color of the package and where it is located in the store and he has still come home with something different. Enter ClickList.

Now, wives can do the shopping, ensuring they get the exact items and sale prices they want and hubby can pull through the store on his way home from work. So, the last couple of weeks when I have arrived at the store, there have been other cars there, too. There are men in those cars, which is unusual. If you do most of the shopping for your household, you are aware that when you go into the store, there are about 75% women. Sometimes you will see couples shopping together. Rarely, you will see man shopping alone. Maybe it is the time of day I go to the store, but this has held true in my experience.

While I have been over here singing the praises of ClickList (have I mentioned I LOVE this service?), it never occurred to me that I could send my husband to pick up the groceries for me (sorry, Scott, your time is coming). This means if I am swamped with work, not feeling well, or just don’t feel like it, I can now send him to the store and be assured I’ll get the items I need.

I have often wondered over the years if men bring home the wrong items intentionally. I mean, what better way to get out of shopping without a fight because you refuse to do it? Maybe it is my passive aggressive personality that sees this as a real possibility. If that is what some men are doing, then ClickList removes their ability to commit that passive aggressive act and forces them to help.

It could also be that it is so quick and easy that men offer to run and pick up the ClickList order. Have you tried out ClickList yet? What are your thoughts? Have you sent your husband to pick up an order for you?