Frugal Dinner Menu for Tonight

Frugal Dinner Menu for Tonight

Looking for something delicious to cook for dinner, but you’re on a tight budget? Check out these frugal recipes for dinner tonight:

Main Dish

  • Simple Crock Pot Roast: A pot roast is one of those meals that you can usually serve a couple of days or repurpose the leftovers, so it is more frugal than you think. Buy the roast on sale to save even more.
  • Chicken Monterey with Crispy Bacon: This ooey, gooey dish is plain delicious. It’s very easy to pull together, but your family will be impressed.


  • State Fair Grilled Corn: Corn is a fairly inexpensive dish to serve. Even when corn is out of season, you can pick up frozen ears of corn to recreate this meal. Cook in the oven during extremely cold weather where you don’t wish to be outside manning a grill.
  • Super Easy Parmesan Garlic Potatoes: These potatoes are so easy to throw together in a pinch. Simply open canned potatoes, or use leftovers, add some things to dress them up and you have the perfect side for almost any meal.
  • Made from Scratch Cheddar Biscuits: If you’d like some bread with your meal, these biscuits are a little work, but they are so worth. Nothing truly fabulous comes super easy, after all. However, you can whip them up in about 10 minutes and then bake them while the other food is cooking.


  • Ice Cream Sundaes: Set up a sundae bar for your family. Keep ingredients on hand for this and you can save a bundle by buying toppings while on sale. For example, when Halloween ends, stock up on 50% off candies that would make great ice cream toppings.
  • Light Glazed Pumpkin Cake: Looking for a dish on the lighter side? This pumpkin cake is moist, yummy, but has a fraction of the calories of regular cake.
  • Orange Dream Ice Cream Pie: This is a great dessert to serve a large family or crowd. It is much cheaper to make than to buy already made, plus you’ll have better control over the ingredients.

Of course, you can always use stand-by frugal meals such as spaghetti and salad, eggs and toast, or beans and cornbread. Rice is also an inexpensive dish when on a tight budget that you can add nearly anything to, such as chicken you found on sale or fresh veggies.


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