Are My Kids the Only Ones Who Act Horrible?

Are My Kids the Only Ones Who Act Horrible?

Dear Moms,

As I read through social media today, I realized something. There is no way that all of those kids are so perfectly behaved and every family picture perfect. Yes, Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate all that women do to keep the family running, but if you’ve never faced one of these situations, are you really mothering?

I’m even guilty of that picture perfect image here on Crabby Housewife. Look at the images for articles such as Mother’s Day Traditions . Look at that sweet image of the mom and baby. You just know the baby spit up right in her face two seconds later.


Or what about the sweet photo below of a family on a road trip titled Top Ways to Save Money on Road Trips. Have you ever had a road trip go like this? The dog would be trying to sniff everything in site and the kids would be fighting.


You know the feeling. You’re at church and every other child is sitting quietly with his parents during family Sunday, while yours runs up and down the aisle and maybe even kicks the pastor in the shin for good measure. If you dread family Sunday, you aren’t alone. 

Or, maybe you have the perfect family holiday planned, but just as family arrives your daughters get into a screaming match over a stupid stuffed toy and the one pulls the other’s hair and it’s a shrieking, insane World War III the likes of which would terrify the most evil fascist on the planet.

And, let’s forget that perfect family road trip like the one pictured above. Seriously? You would rather pluck out every eyebrow you have than be stuck in the car with your whining, fighting kids for six or seven hours straight. And, you are not alone.

Perhaps when the pinata bursts open and the candy falls out the other children all are sharing very nicely with one another while yours tries to grab all the candy and then gets mad at the other kids.

As the mom of a 19 and 22 year old, you would think that Mother’s Day was likely perfect. I had to laugh. It isn’t. While it was pleasant and my girls were very nice about wishing me a happy day and remembering me, my 19 year old got mad at me tonight and screamed at me so loud that she started coughing.

Some of my other friends were sharing what their kids did today. They opened up about punishments that had to be handed out, things their children had done, and being thankful they now know they are not the only one. It made me realize that everyone has these issues at one time or another. The key is to laugh about it and move on. Most things really are not life or death. She apologized to me and we moved on from that moment. I realized she was tired because she worked today. Being a server is hard work. 

So, Mom, don’t despair and think your kids are horrible. Yours aren’t any different than anyone else’s children. They are all horrible sometimes, but they are all wonderful much of the time. Happy Mother’s Day, everyone.