Quest to Create the Perfect Homemade Pizza Recipe

Quest to Create the Perfect Homemade Pizza Recipe

If there is one food in this world that I love, it is pizza. I have loved pizza as long as I can remember. There is nothing more comforting than a pizza when you’re feeling down. It is also a fun food to share with friends. Recently, my ¬†husband and I ordered a pizza after a long and tired day out of town at a funeral and shared it in the hotel room. Even though that one wasn’t the best tasting pizza we’ve ever had, there was something comforting about this familiar food during a traumatic time.

When we lived in Greenfield, Indiana, I had instant access to some of the best pizza imaginable. Even in that small town, we had a Mozzi’s pizza, a Jack’s (my favorite pizza in the world), and a Pizza King. We also lived a mere 20-30 minutes from Indianapolis, where there were many other delicious pizza pies available.

Fast forward to 2005 and our move to southern Indiana. Even though it was a mere two hours away, it was like moving to another country in many ways. Even our dryer needed an adapter to work down here. The worst part? I have yet to find a pizza place that even comes close to comparing to the three I mentioned above.

My Quest to Find a Good Pizza in Southern Indiana

We have the traditional chains of Pizza Hut, Little Caesar’s, Dominoes and Papa John’s here. I don’t particularly care for any of them. They aren’t¬†awful, but neither are they good. Pizza Hut used to be good but they’ve changed something and now I find their food nasty. I’d honestly rather have a frozen pizza at home.

I have sought smaller chains in the area. There are a couple that are again okayish and definitely better than the chains but nothing that fabulous. There are a couple over in Louisville that are pretty good. I recently ate at Blaze Pizza and find that concept interesting and the pizza pretty good. I will review Blaze on this site soon for you and share my photos.

Decision to Make My Own Pizza

Still, I really feel after all of this exploring for nearly 11 years now that I can most definitely make a better pizza at home with a little effort. In fact, I kind of think a Chef Boyardee pizza is better than many of the options here, especially the one option in my small town. So, I am embarking on an experiment to bake the perfect pizza. I am going to try everything from different baking methods to different crusts to different sauces and cheese mixtures.

I’m going to share each step of my journey with you as we go along. Hopefully, you will share your tips along the way as well. Between us, we are certain to come up with a delicious option to this favorite dish. Pizza night will never be the same again, because not only will you family love your pizza pies, but you may pick up a few extra friends who love them as well.