Organizing Your Spice Cabinet – Step # 1

Organizing Your Spice Cabinet – Step # 1

We have been doing some decluttering recently. With any house, after you live there a few years, things just collect. We’ve been here 11 years, so we’ve collected a LOT of clutter over that time – again. My first project in 2016? To organize my spice cabinet.

I have a ton of spices. I like to cook. I like to try ┬ánew things, new spices, new creations. However, that also means my cabinet looks like the picture above. Yep. It is rather horrifying. In addition to that, I have a round spice holder on my counter top that I’d like to get rid of because my kitchen counters need to be decluttered as well.

I thought you might enjoy sharing this journey with me as I explore the best way to get this cabinet organized. I’m sure many of you are suffering from messy cabinet syndrome as well, although likely you are more organized than the picture above. This is my cabinet at its worst ever.

spice carouselSo, the first step is cutting the clutter. When it comes to spices, they do have a shelf life. In addition, when I bought my spice rack, it came with some blends that I never use or rarely use. It’s time for them to go. Yet, I love the little round spice jars the set came with, so I will be keeping those to put some of those canned spices in.

Things that can go:

  • Spices you’ve not used in six months. Sure, it sounded like a great idea to buy that special salt and seasoning blend I read about on a blog, but I have used it once, didn’t like it and never touched it again. Bye-bye.
  • Sprinkles galore. I had so many sprinkles in that mess. So many. I rarely use these. I threw them out save one. I’ll buy more if I need them, but since Christmas is often the only time I even use the sprinkles on cookies, why keep them around another year?
  • Do you see the three containers of salt? No way do I need THREE in my cabinet. I removed two and put them back in my stockpile, leaving just one.
  • I had a bunch of multiple containers of the same spice. Many were nearly empty. I threw out the empty ones. Yes, I could have been really frugal and poured those into another container, but they were likely stale anyway.
  • There were some packages of mixes for tacos and chili that I threw out. As you probably remember from a recent post of mine on making your own taco seasoning, I’ve decided those packets are really unhealthy for my family and am making my own seasoning now.

Now that everything is inventoried and things thrown away, I will move on to Step # 2 – choosing organizers. Check back tomorrow to read more about my spice cabinet organization adventure. You can also sign up for my newsletter to get updates on new articles each Friday straight to your email box.