DIY Last Minute Christmas Gifts to Make

DIY Last Minute Christmas Gifts to Make

If you’ve procrastinated until this point, you may almost be in a panic. Christmas is this week and you don’t have gifts for anyone. However, there are still some unique gifts you can make that people will not only appreciate but won’t throw you into debt as you enter a new year.

Jarred Bath Salts

Bath salts are very easy to make with just a couple of ingredients. Put them in a Mason jar or pretty glass container and you have an elegant gift that any woman on your gift list will appreciate. Simply purchase plain epsom salt or sea salt and an essential oil fragrance. Be careful with the essential oils you use. I’m just getting into essential oils, but you do need to be careful with anything you put on your skin. Lavender is a mildly scented, pleasing oil that works well for creating jarred bath salts.

As a disclaimer, I did sign up recently to purchase Young Living essential oils as a distributor. If you are looking into essential oils, I believe these are high quality. However, you can also purchase high quality oils elsewhere. It just depends on your preference. I’m enjoying trying out my oils for different things at the moment, such as creating bath salts.

Old Sweater Mittens

I saw a post, including a video tutorial on taking those old sweaters that you no longer want or that don’t fit and making them into cute mittens. This is a fairly quick project and mittens are always a useful gift for the youngest on your gift list to the oldest.

Get the instructions at Creme de la Craft.

Recipe on Wood Cutting Board

You can also purchase custom boards with names on Groupon, but I love this idea of taking an old family recipe and sharing it on a cutting board. This gift is great as a housewarming gift, a wedding, or Christmas. You can read the details about this idea at Nutfield Geneology, but if you are handy with a woodburning tool, you could easily create this yourself.

Wooden Brooch

These would be cute gifts for sorority sisters or teens. You simply use some small blocks of wood, glue, an image you love and some mod-podge. The hardest part of these is waiting for the glue to dry. However, within a day you could have a nice collection of little trinkets for a gift exchange or a small present. What I love about this craft is that you can personalize it to suit the person you are making it for.

Get the instructions on Homemade Gifts Made Easy.

As a side note, she also has a really great tutorial on making ceramic coasters that would be a good gift for anyone.

Clementine Wreaths

These make great gifts for neighbors, friends, or a host of a Christmas party. Who doesn’t love clementines? Since you can buy them in bulk, you can make a lot of these for very cheap. You could also do nuts, apples, etc.

You can get the tutorial at Omiyage Blogs.

Hope these ideas help save you from your Christmas shopping procrastination. I’ll let you go so you can go get started on your gifts. Merry Christmas!