Moss Hill in Louisville, Kentucky, Handmade Bath Products Store

Moss Hill in Louisville, Kentucky, Handmade Bath Products Store

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit Moss Hill in Louisville, Kentucky. What a wonderful gem of a store this is. The products are made of fine, natural ingredients.

Our reason for the visit to the Butcher Market location at 1201 Story Avenue store was to attend a DIY class on making a sea salt scrub. I love artsy/craft type fun and this class did not disappoint.

When we arrived, everything was laid out ready to go. We started with a container of plain, white sea salt. We then had the opportunity to add some oils for moisture.

Next, we were encouraged to mix different scents from some scent families, given a bit of advice about what might go well together and mixed up a unique scent of our own. I love florals and citrus, so I created a scent with those notes.

Once we had a scent we loved, we mixed the essential oils into the sea salt. The final step was to add some beads. Honestly, the owner told us what they were for,but I was focused on the color of them and adding a pretty tone to my sea salt. Yes, I am shallow sometimes, but do you see what a pretty lilac color my sea salt scrub is?

I think she said the beads helped with moisturizing, but don’t hold me to that. The result? I absolutely love this scrub. Not only does it have a scent that I adore and is all my own, but it is very moisturizing. My skin tends to be really dry and this has made even my flaky areas smooth and soft.

The store itself is worth the visit. Tons of home products that are very unique. There is also a metal works company that provides things like light switch plates, frames and jewelry. You’ll find unique throw pillows, recipe books, and even a clothing boutique.

If you aren’t into making your own products, they have a full line of deliciously scented lotions, bath products and even lip balm in scents such as grapefruit. Some of the local inspired scents include mint julep and Kentucky bourbon.

On the premises is also a small cafe and a chocolate shop. You could definitely make a day of visiting this store while enjoying the sight of beautiful old buildings in the area.

My only complaint is that I want more workshops. I want to make my own lotion in a matching scent. This is a store I’ll definitely go back to and that I recommend to my readers. I don’t get any type of kickback. I don’t know the owners other than the short time I spoke to one during our workshop. I simply loved the product and wanted to share another local treasure with you.

If you are interested in visiting the store, you can get more information at