Your Kids Annoy Me – This Is What You Should Do

Your Kids Annoy Me – This Is What You Should Do

I am going to be brutally honest here – your kids annoy me. They are loud, they run around like crazy, the step on my toes as they run past and never say sorry, and they are sticky and want to touch me. Yes, they are cute and I don’t dislike children, but I find them annoying at times. I am a quiet person who was raised as an only child. I like peace, quiet, and calm.

This Is What You Should Do

Not a thing. The fact that your kids annoy me sometimes is my problem and not yours. I wish I’d understood this concept better when my girls were growing up. You see, I was constantly correcting my daughters because I was always worried they would annoy someone else.

What happened? They started to tune me out and not listen to anything I had to say. When you are constantly nagging:

  • Don’t do that…
  • Be quiet, you’ll bother people…
  • Speak in an inside voice…
  • Other people don’t like ____
  • Etc., etc., etc.

Your kids stop listening to anything you have to say, including the things that really are important. For me, my children had to become adults for me to realize what I was doing. I am trying really hard to break these old habits and to focus on the end goal.

You have to figure out what is the most important thing for your children in the long-term. For me, the end goal is that we all wind up together one day in heaven. That’s it. When you look at things from that perspective, it changes how you talk to your kids, what things you focus on, what needs corrected and what doesn’t.

Just because your children are adults doesn’t mean your parenting stops either. I still offer advice and my perspective to my daughters. They don’t always listen, but I do think that with nagging less that they listen more often.

So, don’t worry if your kids are annoying me or anyone else. Focus on what is important to you as a family and use the precious time with them to pour into them and invest in them.