Long Distance Relationship Advice

Long Distance Relationship Advice

Long distance relationships are hard. Not only do you grieve for the time you could spend with the other person if they were near, but worries and insecurities can easily set in.

  1. Use your time on the phone or video chat for quality time. This means avoiding arguments and heavy discussions for now.
  2. Talk about what you each expect. Do you want to talk every day? Do you expect the other person to come visit on your birthday? Talking out these things now will help avoid misunderstandings later.
  3. Make a plan for the future. If you plan to be with the other person long term, then at some point you are going to have to live in the same place. When might this happen for the two of you? Who will move? What is the timeline?
  4. Understand the distance is temporary. It won’t last forever, but if you handle the separation in the right way, your relationship might.

Statistically, long distance relationships don’t always work out. That doesn’t mean they never do, though. Only you know your relationship and whether it can survive not being together for long periods of time.