Why Can’t I Get Pregnant?

Why Can’t I Get Pregnant?

I remember asking, “Why can’t I get pregnant?” I desperately wanted a baby, but it just wasn’t happening for us. After a year, we went to a fertility specialist. It would be two years before I got pregnant. Infertility is a heartbreaking thing. It seems as though everyone around you is getting what they most desire while you still aren’t pregnant.

There are many reasons why you might not get pregnant right away. It can be anything from timing to low sperm count to you stressing yourself out. If you’ve been trying to get pregnant for a year without luck, then it is probably time to make an appointment with a fertility specialist.

You may be told that everything is physically fine, in which case you may just need a long vacation and to relax. However, if the doctors find something that is preventing you from getting pregnant, they will offer fertility counseling and options available to you.

Don’t despair. There are many different things that can be done, such as fertility treatments, and in vitro fertilization. There is also the option to adopt a child that really needs a home, or even a baby if you long to cuddle an infant in your arms.