Fastest Way to Clean Your Refrigerator

Fastest Way to Clean Your Refrigerator

It’s a task we all despise – cleaning out the refrigerator. There is certain to be at least one forgotten leftover in a plastic container that looks like a long-lost science experiment. Oh, you don’t have these in your fridge? Me either <cough, cough>.

Cleaning the refrigerator out is something I put off as long as I can without feeling the thing is unsanitary. I have picked up a few tips over the years that makes the cleaning time go very quickly.

Tips to Clean Your Refrigerator Quickly

  • Set aside one day every other week to thoroughly clean out your fridge. By cleaning every other week, you will reduce the amount of cleaning and it will be faster than otherwise.
  • Prior to your cleaning day, start tossing out anything that is no longer fresh, is expired, wilted, etc. For example, if you are planning to clean your fridge out on Saturday, starting Wednesday, clear out things that you know you won’t be able to use or that are no longer good as you go along. See a bag of carrots that are spoiling? Toss them.
  • On cleaning day, gather your supplies. You’ll need soapy hot water (I fill one side of the sink and I also grab a bucket), plastic cleaning scrubbies, sponge, paper towels or a couple of hand towels, large towels for drip drying shelves and bins, and garbage bags.
  • Start on the top shelf and work your way down or vice versa. Quickly toss any remaining foods that have gone bad and set foods that are still edible on the counter in sections that match where they were on your shelves. One section for the top shelf, and so on…
  • When you’ve removed everything, pull out any shelves or drawers you can pull out and clean them in the sink. Set aside to drip dry on towels.
  • Now, take the bucket of soapy water and clean the fridge from top to bottom. Use the plastic scrubbing disc for any foods that are sticky or dried on.
  • Take the paper towels and dry the inside of the fridge.
  • Add a small box of opened baking soda to keep things fresh and odors away.
  • Dry and replace shelves and drawers.
  • Add edible food back to the refrigerator.
  • Toss food in garbage bags.

The advantages of a clean refrigerator are numerous. One obvious advantage is that you will be able to clearly see which foods you have on hand so you don’t buy too many of one ingredient at the store or let foods spoil before you’re able to eat them.