How to Revamp Leather Furniture, Paint Leather, Freshen Leather

How to Revamp Leather Furniture, Paint Leather, Freshen Leather

Have you ever seen a great deal on a leather chair or piece of furniture, but you hated the color? Perhaps you have an old leather chair that is a bit scuffed up and you wish you could give it a fresh look. I recently read an article by Wendi over at H20 Bungalow that I thought was absolutely brilliant.

Wendi shares that she loved a chair she purchased, but didn’t like the way the color looked in her office. With a little ingenuity, she mixed up a coral color chalk paint, used a specific process to paint the chair and has a fresh new look that goes with her office.

The result? A super cute chair that looks like it was purchased yesterday.

Not only would her technique work well to change the color of a chair, but I see many applications for the process, such as freshening up an old piece of leather furniture that is scuffed and scratched.

If I could figure out how to get the color into all the nooks and crevices, I’d consider this method on my leather couch. I fear it would be impossible to cover a leather that has so many little areas, though, so I will save this project for something with a bit less space to cover.

Check out her project. It looks pretty interesting. Have you tried to paint leather? What are your experiences?