Yet Another Reason to Hate Housework

Yet Another Reason to Hate Housework

Dear Readers,

You all know how much I loathe housework. There are just so many other things you can do in a day and housework is one of those things you do and have to redo, and redo, and redo again.

Yesterday I was sweeping, because it was to the point I had to. I really didn’t think i was straining myself all that much, but I got a back spasm that threw me to my knees. I had to hobble to the bedroom and lay down.

My wonderful husband went and got me some Doan’s and some muscle spray and has been helping me. Today, I am very, very sore still.

I probably won’t have a lot of articles for you this week due to being unable to sit and type for long, but am hoping it clears up very soon.

Thanks and remember to be cautious of that housework. It truly is a pain in the back.


Lori Soard, Crabby Housewife