Roundup of Delicious Apple Recipes for Fall

Roundup of Delicious Apple Recipes for Fall

Nothing says “fall” quite as loudly as apple dishes. Whether you have apple trees in your own backyard, or you take a trip to the local U-pick farm or farmer’s market, apples are fresh, crisp and inexpensive in the autumn of the year.

Below are a roundup of some of my favorite apple recipes I’ve found on the web recently. Won’t you try them with me and let me know what you think?

Salted Caramel Apple Pie Bars

Pictured in the screenshot above, these salted caramel apple pie bars are melt in your mouth delicious. Made with a simple shortbread crust and apple pie filling, the salted caramel is what puts a unique twist on this age-old favorite. This will be a hit wherever you serve it.

Recipe at Sally’s Baking Addiction

Blooming Baked Apples

the gunny sack
Screenshot from The Gunny Sack blog of blooming baked apples

This recipe is simple to put together but has enough elegance to be served at a formal dinner. The trick is in how you cut the apple halves, which Tonia over at The Gunny Sack explains thoroughly.

She even offers picture tutorials to help you understand how to prep the apples. You then add caramel, brown sugar and butter and bake. Serve with ice cream and drizzle on caramel sauce for even more pizazz.

Recipe at The Gunny Sack

Bourbon Apple Pandowdy

restless chipotle screenshot
Screenshot of Restless Chipotle’s Bourbon Apple Pandowdy

My good friend Marye Audet has created an amazingly unique apple dish over at Restless Chipotle. It is a cross between pie and cobbler all created in a skillet. The delicious oozes out of this creation that has apples, bouron and cinnamon sauce and a buttery pastry. Yowza, folks! You will love this dish and your guests will think you’re a gourmet chef or at least a really good down home cook.

Marye comes up with her own recipes but bases them on her vintage cookbook collection. You’ll find them unique and full of flavor.

Recipe at Restless Chipotle

Apple Pie Lasagna

beyond frosting
Screenshot of Beyond Frosting’s Apple Pie Lasagna.

I think this recipe over at Beyond Frosting is one of the most brilliant takes on apple pie I’ve seen. It is much lighter than apple pie and so versatile. Serve it like a parfait, from a pan, or in a pie pan.

FYI, she also offers a recipe for pumpkin pie lasagna that is perfect for Thanksgiving dinner.

This recipe combines wholesome ingredients like apples, lemon, cinnamon and maple syrup with the pure yum factor of graham crackers, Cool Whip and toffee bites. I’m in heaven. I can’t wait to make this for get togethers this fall.

Recipe at Beyond Frosting

Irish Apple Cake with Custard Sauce

screenshot the kitchen mccabe
Screenshot of The Kitchen McCabe’s Irish Apple Cake with Custard Sauce

If you’re looking for a more substantial dessert, this apple cake is moist and filling. The custard sauce gives it a unique, gooey spin that satisfies even the pickiest of palates.

This recipe fits in on St. Patrick’s Day but is also interesting enough for any other holiday treat.

Because this is a dense cake, Kayley suggests you pay extra attention to make sure the middle of the cake is cooked all the way through. We want gooey goodness, not an uncooked mess. Done right, though, this is the apple cake of a your dreams.

Just follow Kayley’s directions and you’ll be fine. It isn’t hard to make at all.

Recipe at The Kitchen McCabe