Yellow Interiors Impact Home Sales

Yellow Interiors Impact Home Sales


If you’re thinking about putting your home on the market and believe the best color for your rooms is the dull neutral colors of the past, think again! According to a recent Zillow Digs analysis of 50,000 sold homes, the colors found in the highest number of sales were yellow and green.

Wheat Yellow and Sage Green Boost Home Sales

Zillow Digs revealed, “…for-sale listings with rooms painted in sage green or wheat yellow can sell for as much as $1,300 more than expected.”

Yellow Kitchens Best Sellers


The analysts discovered that the homes featuring yellow kitchens saw the highest sale premium of $1,360 more than the expected value. The favored hues were wheat yellow or creamy yellow. 

Surprisingly, the old standbys of white or eggshell colors for kitchens performed below expectations.

Yellow Accent Color


You don’t necessarily have to change out your entire color scheme. It’s easy to add a yellow accent color to your existing decor. For example, MasterBrand Cabinets demonstrates that simply adding a yellow accent color you can completely transform the look of your kitchen. This photo shows how two simple trim changes make a big difference in a kitchen decor.

How to Use Yellow Accents

MasterBrand Cabinets’ Director of Design and Trends, Stephanie Pierce, says, “Yellows, from pale butters to dark mustards, are cropping up everywhere and are key to many different design styles, from mid-century modern to country farmhouse.”

Select the Right Yellow

The key to a successful transition to a yellow accent color is making the right selection. Pierce suggests, “The right shade of yellow can be a showstopper, grabbing attention and providing a visual point of reference for every other element in the room.”

The smallest change in paint color will make a difference in the overall ambience. Pierce reminds, “This inspiring color tone should never be discounted as to its impact on style and the emotional response it coveys when used on interiors.”

Sherwin-Williams Sees Yellow Trend


The yellow trend is verified by Sherwin-Williams Director of Color Marketing, Sue Wadden. She recently said, “Both designers and consumers alike are embracing gold finishes throughout the home, which tells us that yellows are being looked at again as an important color.”

If you haven’t considered yellow for your interior, you may want to consider some of the reasons for its growing popularity. Wadden explained, “Yellow is versatile and can be used in kitchens and baths for a sunny, friendly appeal.”

Many Choices

And, you aren’t limited to just one hue, there are many yellow choices that you can use throughout your home. Sherwin-Williams offers quite a few yellows . Wadden discusses the different yellows being used, such as, “Living spaces are typically creamy, soft yellows or deeper yellow ochre — same goes for bedrooms.”

Tips for Using Yellow to Sell Your Home


Before you rush out to buy a brilliant yellow paint color, take a moment to consider where and how much yellow you want to introduce to your home decor. 

Wadden advises, “It is important to keep the saturation levels down in those spaces since yellow can be energetic and not very restful.”

Soft and Pale Yellows

A bedroom enhances rest when the color translates tranquility. A soft yellow or pale yellow will provide a canvas for layering other colors such as restive green or relaxing blue.

Yellow for Market Advantage

While you may be choosing yellow in the hope of gaining a market advantage, you also want to be sure that you love the color(s) you select and where you place them in your home since you’ll be living there until you sell.


Photos courtesy Carmichael Lynch Relate


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