Twilight Mania


Be sure to read the book before seeing the movie!

If you haven’t yet read the books taking the teen scene by storm, you’re really missing out. Stephenie Meyer creates a fantastical world of vampires and things that go bump in the night, but not in the traditional sense of what you might expect from vampires. Oh, they suck blood alright, but other than that they take on a newness that will leave girls all around the globe shuddering in fear and exctasy at the same time.

Fans of the Twilight series have been waiting anxiously for the arrival of the big screen version of the first book in the series, named after the series. If you don’t already have tickets to one of the opening shows around the country for this weekend (11/21), don’t despair. Lines are certain to die down at some point and you’ll still get a chance to see this movie. Most of the showings are occurring at midnight in keeping with the theme of the books.

If you find yourself without tickets, and are desperate to go to one of the first shows, you can try a few of these tricks:

  • Ask around. Someone may have pre-purchased tickets and then had a schedule conflict. They may be willing to sell their tickets to you.
  • Make friends fast with someone who has an extra ticket.
  • Hang out at the theater. You may be able to snag some extra tickets, you never know.
  • Get a job at the theater. Employees often get to view new movies.
  • Wait for a matinee or the next weekend. Although this may not be ideal, and you will have to wait a bit, it may be the only option as lines form and lengthen in antipication of this movie event.

This series of books is one of the biggest hits with teens these days. Even if you aren’t a teen, you may want to check them out to see what teens are reading and learn more about the characters.





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