Tips for Easy Decor Spring Fixes!

Tips for Easy Decor Spring Fixes!

The weather is warmer. Trees are budding. Flowers are blooming. It’s springtime! You look around your home and decide you want to bring a little bit of spring inside. There are five things you can do that won’t cost a lot of money to add a bit of spring to your décor.

Add a Burst of Color

You’ve heard the term give a room a pop of color. Well, for spring you want a burst of color and that can be quickly done with a little bit of paint. You don’t have to take on a huge makeover for a living room. Use a colorful rug to transform a living room into a fresh look.

Accent Wall

Choose a wall, preferably one with doors and windows or at a wall with the least breaks. If you have a fireplace focal point, paint the wall surrounding it.

Select a color from your room décor. Do you have a rather neutral colored room with earth tones? If so, select an accent color, such a blue, yellow or green. All three colors translate into spring! Wallpaper adds texture and pattern with your color choice(s).

Once you have your accent wall, add splashes of the color throughout the room so it has continuity and depth. Some of the ways to carry your new accent color into the room include:

  • Buy new lampshades or cover existing ones with fabric or ribbon.
  • Add a pair of colored candle holders to an end table, bookcase or coffee table.
  • Use slipcovers to create a completely new look for your living room.
  • Accent colored flower pots with houseplants can be scattered about the room.
  • A pair of throw pillows with the accent color will draw the eye across the room to the chair or couch.
  • Wallart is another way to introduce accent colors.
  • Colored candles are a cheap way to add accent color to a décor.
  • Art objects, vases and figurines can also carry the new color into your room.
  • Add inexpensive colored sheers to your current window treatment.
  • Apothecary jars can be filled with colorful objects
  • A tieback rope and tassel is another great décor spring addition.
  • Add colorful bouquets on a dining room tables, breakfast nook, living room, bathroom and foyer.

Shine the Lights

Spending more time outside brings opportunities for a patio décor lighting. You can extend your outside entertaining with party lights, solar lights, string lights, neon rope light and colorful paper lantern lights. The styles of string lights are many and can be strung over a pergola, deck or patio.

Globe Lights

You can create an old world ambiance by stringing globe slights overhead from tree branches. This can create a romantic setting for outdoor dinners and parties. If your chosen dining area doesn’t have many trees, you can still create a canopy by stringing lights from an umbrella or between columns or poles.

Candle Power

Candles are always a bit hit for patio dining and parties. Pillar candles in hurricane holders or tea lights in lanterns add a nice touch to any nighttime patio activities. Use a pillar candle chandelier suspended over a dining table.

Fire Pit for Chilly Nights

For chilly nights, invest in a portable or more permanent fire pit that is easy to use with either gas, wood or gel fuel. This addition to your patio is certain to be a huge hit for those who enjoy open fires in outdoor spaces.


AuthorSally Painter

"Everyone can have a beautiful home decor. It just takes a little creativity," says author and freelance writer Sally Painter. This former commercial and residential designer is also a Feng Shui practitioner and believes that, "Everything you choose to put in your home should resonate with you emotionally. If it doesn't - get rid of it!"