Fun Decorating for Easter

Fun Decorating for Easter

Easter decorations are fun to make and can add so much to your home decor as well as an Easter table. Set a little holiday pop to a foyer, guest bath, den, dining room and kitchen just in time for Easter!

Trio Floral Centerpiece

Go informal with three miniature floral arrangements and add interest and height by using a pedestal cake plate for the middle arrangements.

Simple colored burlap can be wrapped around the vase or if you’re creative, use a square vase and add ribbon handles and decorated to resemble a small purse.

You can simply add a simple single-tied bow if you prefer. Make each arrangement different with a colored burlap. Go with complementary color schemes in pastels such as blue vase and orange flowers, green vase and pink flowers and purple vase with yellow flowers.

Easter table

Set an Easter Table!

This tablescape is easy to make and provide a lot of interest and color.

Step One

  • Start with a plain white tablecloth.
  • Add a runner, either purchased, made from linen fabric or you may have a special colorful patterned fabric you prefer.

Step Two

  • Add two yellow ribbons down the center leaving enough space between them to sprinkle colorful confetti.
  • Or, use a ribbon that is three or more inches wide and either use fabric glue or iron-on seam tape to secure in place.

Step Three

  • Repurpose an old refrigerator egg carton (typically used on the refrigerator door) or spray paint a plastic or cardboard egg carton.

Step Four

  • Use either plastic or ceramic eggs and decorate them to go with your table setting.
  • Use some whole eggs and only the half shell for others.
  • Fill half shells with potting soil and add a blooming daffodil or day lily.

The rest of your setting is easy, too. You can use your regular dinnerware or you can place a colorful charger underneath a white plate. Fold linen napkins and tie with a ribbon that matches the one you used for the table runner.  Set the glassware and silverware at each place setting and you’re ready for an Easter feast!


Add Flowers to Celebrate

You can add pops of color throughout your home to celebrate the Easter magic. This is easy to do with a simple vase or decorative flower pot full of a few or a large bouquet of silk tulips.

Step One

  • Buy a variety of vases or containers or get crafty and make your own.
  • Purchase a few small vases and use flower decals to decorate them
  • You may prefer colorful tins to use as containers.

Step Two

  • Remove the lids and place your silk flowers where you want them.
  • You may wish to secure the flowers to the bottom of the container with a hot glue gun or florist clay.
  • Add some Spanish moss to cover up your work!

Placing Your Floral Creations

There are many places you can set a small floral arrangement like this to give it a festive touch. Try placing one or more in areas, such as:

  • Nightstand in your guest room.
  • Half bath sink countertop.
  • Grouping of three or five on a console table in the foyer or entryway.
  • End table or coffee table.
  • Make a grouping display of 3, 5 or 7 small arrangements and set on the mantel.

Extra Special Easter with Decorations

These are just a few ideas to get you started thinking about possible Easter decorations you can use about your home. Floral decorations can be used throughout a season or even year round, so your investment may start with Easter, but last beyond summer.


photo credits: ProFlowers via flickr cc