Stone, Brick or Tile Accent Wall

Stone, Brick or Tile Accent Wall

You can create a great textured accent wall using stone, brick or tile just as you would use paint. Select a faux or natural stacked stone or brick veneer for the easiest way to transform any room in your home.

Hand-painted Tiles with Marble Tiles

The main features in this bathroom are the unique arches and patterned wall tiles. One arch highlights the hand-painted narrow tiles while the other one frames a large mirror.

  • The arches are fashioned from the same marble tiles that cover the walls.
  • A marble counter top repeats the white color.
  • The floor features wide plank flooring finished in a gray color.

Marble Floors and Walls

Another popular bathroom decor trend is to cover both floor and walls with tiles. This classic bathroom is created by using marble tiles on the floor and walls. The most stunning design aspect of this bathroom is the marble walls. Using small square tile shapes is a great shape contrast to the larger floor tiles. The marble wall tiles cover three-fourths of the wall for an elegant finish.

In this bathroom design, the remaining wall space and ceiling are painted the same color. You could opt for an accent color on these two spaces. Much depends on what you wish to be the focal point of a bathroom design like this one.

Brick Accent Wall

This kitchen features an orange brick accent wall. You may decide that this wall treatment is more suitable to your kitchen design. A modern design is an ideal style for this type of unique brick color.

  • Select the best color for your brick accent wall that goes with your color palette.
  • Choose real or faux brick veneer.
  • If you can’t find brick the color you want, such as a teal, an easy fix is to paint over plain brick.

Stone Wall in Den

Add warmth to a den by creating a wall of stone. Select a wall with no or few breaks, such as windows or walls for the best overall effect. When choosing the kind of stone or rock, consider your overall décor colors.

Warm Colors

If the color palette of your den is warm colors, such as yellow, gold red, orange or brown, then go with an equally warm colored stone or rock. There are many stones and rock available either real or faux that will add the depth of warmth to your den. Some of the stones include:

  • Feldspar: Several types of feldspar range from beige to a golden brown. Potash feldspar resembles rose quartz.
  • Limestone: Choose from the many colors of limestone that include yellow, tan, brown and pink.
  • Shale: Select either a red or brown colored shale.
  • Brownstone: This brown rock, once a popular building stone, is synonymous with New York City Brownstone townhouses.

Cool Colors

If your decor palette is comprised of cool colors, then select a gray, white or blue colored stone or rock.

  • Slate: This stone is often cut into squares and rectangles, although irregular shapes are popular choices.
  • Gray flagstone: A nice stone that will add a variety of gray, blue-gray and green-gray.
  • Green slate: This color of slate can be used to further highlight a green accent décor.

Make It Look Natural

Whenever you add an accent wall, especially a stone or tile one, make sure it goes with the room style so that it blends naturally with the decor. You can create a unique focal point in any room with this type of accent wall.


AuthorSally Painter

"Everyone can have a beautiful home decor. It just takes a little creativity," says author and freelance writer Sally Painter. This former commercial and residential designer is also a Feng Shui practitioner and believes that, "Everything you choose to put in your home should resonate with you emotionally. If it doesn't - get rid of it!"