Save Big at ALDI

Save Big at ALDI

If you haven’t heard of ALDI, then you’re spending too much for your groceries. I share my ALDI savings experience with everyone! This German-based company has been in the US for 40 years and has 1,600 stores in 35 states with plans to grow to 2,500 locations by 2022. ALDI brings great value for budget-minded quality-food consumers. While you can find some European food specialties, the fresh produce and meats/poultry are typically locally sourced. Healthy foods and organic foods are bountiful in this grocery store.

Aldi Savings 25% to 30%

We typically save between 25% to 30% on our grocery bill by shopping at ALDI! That is a significant chunk of monthly change. The quality of foods offered are outstanding and we’ve discovered that the organics are cheaper than other grocery stores, even big discounters like Walmart.

You can shop European chocolates often featured at ALDI. There are many different types and often special buys available.

Buying Organics at ALDI

We grow and eat organic foods as much as possible. I have found that most people desire to eat organics but have the mistaken idea that these foods are too expensive. While this was the case decades past, the consumer demand continues to drive down the prices of organic foods. One of the best things about ALDI is their ever-growing organic section. Surprisingly, their organic food prices are often comparable to non-organic prices.

Pay Less for Organics

After several years shopping at ALDI, we’ve discovered a savings when buying organics. Organic canned and packaged foods are cheaper at ALDI than other stores. Organic produce and meats/poultry are significantly less and locally sourced. So not only are we buying foods good for us, we are also supporting local growers when we purchase these foods.

For example, we’ve bought organic carrots for $.99/lb at ALDI while the cheapest we’ve found at Walmart were $1.48/lb. This price difference in organics is common at ALDI and not attributable to special buys, although there are weekly buys just like any other grocery store. And, weekly specials further help us save money on our food bill.

Aldi offers organic seasonal foods, such as apples, peaches, berries and vegetables. This week, apples were the featured seasonal food. 

Some of the brands you can find at ALDI include:

Simply Nature

SimplyNature advertises their foods are “made without adding 125 ingredients.” That alone is a healthy alternative to foods with additives I don’t know, much less can pronounce.

SimplyNature offers mostly organic products and those that aren’t organic are Non-GMO Project verified. That means you won’t find any of these foodstuffs contaminated with “added artificial ingredients and preservatives” either.

 In general, SimplyNature organic products are cheaper than organics at most grocery stores. For example, SimplyNature’s organic pasta sauces are not only delicious, but either comparable to non-organic sauces and many times even cheaper.

Healthy Brands Absent of Harmful Additives

We can to find foods that don’t have any additives that are harmful. That is a big savings for our health and eventually income. Healthy eating has its own rewards.

Never Any!

This line of meats tastes like it did when I was a kid before all the harmful additives. This brand lives up to its name since their meats have “no antibiotics, no hormones added and no animal by-products.”

Other ALDI Brands

  • Gluten Free: If you are living without gluten in your diet, then ALDI’s liveGfree line is for you.
  • Little Journey: This is a new line of baby products from award-winning diapers, wipes, formula, organic foods to snacks.

  • Elevation: This is an economical line of protein bars and powders but at lower prices. 

  • Fit & Active: These products are light in fat, sodium and sugar, some sugar free and are a choice for those mindful of healthy light foods. 

  • Pueblo Lindo: This ethnic food line offers many Mexican food favorites. 

  • Specially Selected: This line is for those times you just need to indulge a bit. Gourmet decadent delights, such as Vanilla Pizzelle Italian Waffle Cookies are a nice treat.

A Competitor Comes to Town

Up until a few weeks ago, ALDI had no competitor in our area. Another German grocer opened a larger store diagonally across the street from ALDI. Lidl plans to open 100 stores in the US by the end of 2018. That’s a lot of buying power for consumers to reap the benefit of cheaper prices. We’re fortunate to now have two such stores just a few miles from our home. We plan to go shop at Lidl next week, and I’ll let you know what we discover there!


photos: ALDI


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