Romantic Garden Touches

Romantic Garden Touches

You can create a romantic garden by adding certain elements that have a “Wow Factor”! This landscaped side of the home features various shrubbery, but the centerpiece quickly became the window box spilling over with red, yellow and purple flowers. 

A window box is one of the easiest elements to add to your garden landscaping. You can choose from several materials, such as wood, iron and plastic. The cottage appeal to this design element is homey and warm. Select flowers that are ideal for the amount of daily sunlight your selected windows receive.

Fence Space Used Decoration

This purple fence serves as a wall that supports the addition of window boxes and a metal niche used for a potted plant. You can take this idea and expand on how you treat the fence area. 

For example, you can add ceramic wall art, an outdoor framed mirror, candle holder and even shelves. Turn loose your imagination and you may decide to paint a mural on part of your backyard fence.

Unexpected Garden Vignette

One of the most romantic elements of a garden is an unexpected vignette. These can be created with a wooden bench simply placed in a carved out section of a garden border. You can even add brick pavers for a hard-surfaced rug effect to keep feet dry from morning dew.

Other Vignettes

You can create several small vignettes in a garden with various objects. For example, you may want to showcase a statue or yard art. Carve out a corner in a yard and landscape around the statue or art. 

Add a water fountain encircled with stone pavers. Set a simple bench opposite the fountain underneath a shade tree. Plant blooming bouquets of flowers and a mix of greenery to complete this meditative vignette.

Nostalgic Cottage Romance

You can recreate a nostalgic English cottage look with a homemade fence using reeds. Create a rustic sectional frame and then lash reeds or thin bamboo in an X pattern. Set along a garden path for a rambling rose bush to climb.

Add Potted Flowers and Herbs

Terracotta pots filled with colorful flowers aren’t just for patios and decks. Branch out into your garden and place several within shrubbery plants, along fences and wherever you create a garden vignette. 

You may want to use decorative pots to add more color to your garden. This is especially good for landscaping designs that focus mostly on greenery. You can change out potted flowers come fall with blooming mums and pansies for the colder months.

Repurpose Items as Flower Pots

Take an old kettle and give it a new look with a coat of paint and fill it with beautiful flowers. This idea can transfer to other items that you no longer have use for. A ladder back chair with a seat that needs replacing can support a flower pot. Repurpose broken or chipped bowls and tea cups.

Special Garden Surprises

Part of the fun of having a garden is coming upon unique and surprising finds. By adding romantic elements like these and others, you can ensure that you and your guests will enjoy exploring the special finds awaiting in your garden.





AuthorSally Painter

"Everyone can have a beautiful home decor. It just takes a little creativity," says author and freelance writer Sally Painter. This former commercial and residential designer is also a Feng Shui practitioner and believes that, "Everything you choose to put in your home should resonate with you emotionally. If it doesn't - get rid of it!"