Large Family Room Furniture Layouts

Large Family Room Furniture Layouts

Many of the contemporary homes being built play up the expansiveness of the family room and kitchen through an open floorplan. Filling up an oversized family room with furniture often presents homeowners with dilemmas they didn’t count on.

While they agree it’s great to have more space, some homeowners are often stumped on how to utilize the space to its fullest. They often end up with a small grouping of a sofa and couple of chairs at one end of the room with the rest of the space left empty.

Some owners give up trying to figure out attractive furniture layouts and simply place the furniture against the walls, leaving an awkward amount of space in the center of the room. Others group the furniture in the center of the room making the room appear even larger in this attempt to find the right furniture layout.

Examples of Furniture Layouts

There are several ways you can utilize a large family room and create a cozy ambience for your family. One of the easiest ways is to divide the room into activity zones. Decide how large you want each zone to be and what types of activities will take place in each. You can define one or more zones with an area rug.

Some zones include:

  • Sitting
  • Reading
  • Play/study
  • TV

Sitting/TV Area Zone One

A fireplace creates a natural focal point. If you wish it to be a dedicated sitting area, consider using a loveseat, two matching arm chairs, a coffee table and end table.

  • Place furniture perpendicular to the fireplace.
  • Set loveseat opposite the matching chairs. Place an end table or chest between the two arm chairs.
  • Place a coffee table between the loveseat and pair of chairs, allowing enough room to walk around the table and easily get up and down when sitting.

Sitting Area Zone Two

You may prefer to use a sofa placed direction across from the fireplace and flanked on with side with an armchair. With this configurations, you can place an end table on either side of the sofa and an oversized coffee table no more than two feet from the sofa.

Reading Area One

To serve as a zone divider, you can add a sofa table directly behind the sofa and set a pair of loveseats perpendicular to it. If working with a smaller space, try a pair of arm chairs set across from each other or one anchoring each end of the sofa table.

Reading Zone Two

A smaller space will accommodate an intimate corner reading zone. This can be a single arm chair, recliner or a chaise lounge. Set a nice sized end table that will easily accommodate a table lamp and space for a glass, books and/or other accessories.

Play Zone for Children

If you have a large enough family room, you can include a separate zone for children. This can include a bookcase and small children’s armchairs and/or craft table with chairs. In lieu of a bookcase, you may prefer a decorative toy chest that is in keeping with your overall room décor. Be sure to provide one piece of storage furniture so toys can be put away when not being used.

Designating Zones

You can further define zones with area rugs. You may prefer to use just one large rug for the main zone and allow the remaining zones to be defined only by furniture layouts. You can always change your zones around for even greater diversity and use of space.


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