Kentuckiana Girl Scouts

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If some of your best childhood memories are of being a part of a Girl Scout troop, you might want to look into this organization for your daughter. Girl Scouts offers young girls an opportunity to make solid, life long friendships, learn about survival and first aid skills, gain skills in various craft and homemaking areas and help their local communities. There are several different levels of Girl Scouts.

  • Daisies – For Kindergarten through Grade 1
  • Brownies – For Grade 2 through Grade 3
  • Juniors – For Grade 4 through Grade 5
  • Cadettes – For Grade 6 through Grade 8
  • Seniors – For Grade 9 through Grade 10
  • Ambassadors – For Grade 11 through Grade 12

Louisville and Southern Indiana has many different troops. You can get more information on troops in your area as well as regional events at the Kentuckiana Girl Scouts website.

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