If Facebook Had Never Invented Farkle, How Much More Housework Could I Do?

I dream of dice...
I dream of dice...

As I sat here tonight and wasted a good hour playing an online dice game, I wondered — if Facebook had never invented Farkle, how much more housework could I do in a given day?

Seriously, an hour would have gotten my house fairly neat and clean. A friend of ours introduced me to Farkle both in real life and on Facebook. Since then, I’ve been completely addicted and obsessed with “winning” each week.

Several times a day, I will pop into the Farkle application and see if anyone has beaten my high score. If they have, then I have to play a round or two and see if I can one up them.

In fact, I played Farkle so much that I am now a “pro” player. This means that I can earn points and spend them to buy extra rounds and really get my score up where no one can beat it. Of course, they always do beat my score, which means I have to turn around and play again. I mean, who can play just one game of Farkle?

So, thanks a lot Facebook. I have finally figured out that the reason my house is a mess is because you put this Farkle application on your site.

Crabby Housewife

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