7 Easy Halloween Cupcake Ideas

7 Easy Halloween Cupcake Ideas

It’s time to decorate some cute and fun Halloween themed cupcakes. Save time and make these easy Halloween cupcake ideas in advance and pop them in the freezer until you need them. You’ll want to let the cupcakes thaw before decorating. Allow them to be at room temperature for some time before decorating. You don’t want to decorate frozen cupcakes unless you put them in the refrigerator or refreeze.  

easy halloween witch cupcakes on a plate.

One of my favorite memories from childhood is the parties and gatherings surrounding holidays. Halloween always meant lots of tasty sweets and of course cute and scary Halloween treats. These simple tips and tricks are perfect for creating amazingly easy Halloween cupcakes. 

Whether your name was drawn to bring treats for your child’s class, or you simply want to make your own treats and control the cost and ingredients, the ideas below are frugal ways to come up with Halloween party food. 

7 Easy Halloween Cupcake Ideas to Decorate and Take

1. Chocolate Ice Cream Cone Witches

This easy Halloween cupcake is a fun way to give a Halloween treat to your goblins. You can use a normal size cupcake like the ones in this photo or go for a larger cupcake. 

  • The witch’s hat is made from a chocolate ice cream cone.
  • Use the pointed end of candy corn for nose.
  • The eyes are made using a dab of white icing.
  • Place a semi-sweet chocolate morsel in the center for the pupil.
  • Decorate the witch’s hair using chocolate icing, either store bought in a tube or make your own.
  • Fashion lips from orange icing.
  • Add candy sprinkles to decorate the hat where the cone and the cupcake join.

2. Mummy Face Cupcake

This cupcake is adorable. You can use fondant icing for the yellow eyes and bandages. Semi-sweet chocolate morsels complete the look for the eyes. You can use make your own confectioners if you prefer in lieu of store-bought fondant.

3. Spider Web Cupcakes

You can use dark chocolate icing to create a spider web. Create two or three circles within circles. Place the end of a toothpick in the center circle and pull from the center outward through the other circles, creating the web effect.

How to Make Spiders for Easy Halloween Cupcake Ideas

You can make the spiders from black-colored licorice Twizzlers or Red Vines. 

  • Soften the Twizzlers in the microwave on high for 5-10 seconds.
  • Tie a center knot in the Twizzlers and cut the end pieces into four lengths each (8 total).
  • The eyes are candy eyes held in place with a dab of clear Karo syrup.

4. Pumpkin Face Cupcakes

You can create cute expressions on pumpkin cupcakes. Use icing to create a ribbed effect by piping vertical lines over the orange icing. 

5. Coffin and Witch Faces

  • You can create mini-coffins from a sheet cake. Draw the shape on a piece of cardboard.
  • Place the cutout on top of the sheet cake and use a sharp knife to cut out individual coffin pieces.
  • Dip each coffin in chocolate icing, allow to dry on a wire rack.
  • Embellish the coffin with freehand decorations or add candied shapes and design held in place using dabs of corn syrup. 
  • Use the coffin as a cupcake decoration.
  • You can use cake decorating tips and icing bags to pipe a witch’s hair, face and hat.

6. Monster Faces Cupcakes

These monster cupcakes are easy to decorate.

  • The hair can be made from rainbow Twizzlers or coconut flakes.
  • M&M’s with a tiny drop of chocolate make great eyes.
  • Gummy fang teeth give these creatures a spooky finishing touch.

7. Marshmallow Witches 

These witch cupcakes are a cute treat for trick-or-treaters of all ages.

    • You can recreate these funny witches with assorted fruit flavored marshmallows.
    • Hershey’s kisses can become hats. If you wish, you can soften these for a few seconds in a microwave. Be careful not to melt.
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These gummy fang teeth are the perfect addition to monster faces. Use the leftovers for extra Halloween candy!

Making Halloween Treats

These are just a few fun ways you can make unique Halloween treats that don’t cost a lot but have a designer baker look. Don’t be afraid to try your own designs with edible embellishments.

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