Feng Shui for Children’s Study Area

Feng Shui for Children’s Study Area

It may surprise you to learn there are feng shui principles to help boost your child’s school work. You can enhance and even improve your child’s scholastic efforts by designating the best feng shui space for a study area. If your child is having difficulties concentrating on her studies, feng shui principles can improve study efforts. You will almost immediately notice a difference in your child’s school work.

Desk Placement Is Vital

Feng shui principles are largely common sense and promote things that also have a positive psychological effect. 

Place Desk in Command Position

The best placement for a desk is in the command position. Don’t place the desk against a wall, instead place it in front of the wall so your child sits with the wall supportively behind her/his back.

To achieve the command position placement:

  • Set the desk in front of a solid wall.
  • The desk should face the door(s) leading into and out of the room so no one can sneak up from behind.
  • Position the desk diagonally across from the door.

Negative Desk Placements to Avoid

So often, the space where a child studies is dictated by practical space available. The following tips can help you avoid some of the mistakes made when feng shui rules aren’t applied. 

Avoid Sitting with Back to Window

In feng shui, sitting with your back to a window, especially when working or studying, means you don’t have solid support and there isn’t anything to back you up. This holds true for your child when studying. Sitting with your back to a window makes you literally vulnerable to anything behind you.

Avoid Placing Desk in Front of a Window

While placing a desk in front of a window may seem like a good solution to sitting with the window to your child’s back, it isn’t an ideal desk placement. A window is how chi energy enters and leaves a home.

That is why a window can be compared to a high traffic two-lane road where the traffic is whizzing by both ways. This pathway can be very disruptive when you place your child in the middle of it. It’s better to move the desk to a more desirable feng shui placement.

Avoid Sitting with Back to Door

By the same token, you don’t want your child sitting with her/his back to a door. In feng shui, this is a defenseless placement and leaves your child vulnerable to gossip, being blind-sighted and always feeling uneasy. Not having a solid wall to support your child, she/he will also lack greater confidence in her/his studies and abilities.

Avoid Pathways

Avoid placing the desk in a pathway that is between doors, windows or a door and window. The chi energy moves in and out of rooms through these openings and is disruptive to concentration.

Say No to Open Areas

Avoid open areas for desk placement. An open area, like a high vaulted ceiling or a large den where lots of activities take place will make your child feel lost in her/his studies. Like the placement between doors and windows, a vast space will overwhelm your child.

For example, too much chi energy rushing around your child will be disruptive and cause confusion. Your child will fidget, lose concentration and become easily distracted.

Window and Door Feng Shui Remedies

If you can’t avoid setting the desk so your child’s back is to a window or door, then place a small round mirror on the wall or desk. The mirror needs to be positioned so your child can see behind her while working at the desk.

Child’s Bedroom for Study Area

Depending on the age of your child, her/his bedroom may be the ideal place to set up a study corner. Follow the feng shui rules for desk placement when arranging her/his bedroom.

If your child’s bedroom door faces a staircase, then you want to deflect some of the chi energy rushing up the stairs. This energy is very powerful. It is similar to a tunnel with the wind rushing through a narrow space as it spirals up the stairs.

Bedroom Door Opposite Staircase

If your child’s bedroom door is at the top of a staircase directly across from the landing, this energy is blasting into her/his bedroom. This can create a hyper reaction, a feeling of uneasiness and even the inability to sleep.

Feng Shui Remedy

You have some options when it comes to feng shui remedies for this scenario. These include:

  • You can deflect much of this by placing a tall plant just outside your child’s bedroom door and even one or two on the landing.
  • A multi-faceted crystal suspended above your child’s door will help disperse the burst of chi energy.
  • You can prevent too much chi energy from interfering with your child’s study by placing the desk diagonally across from the door instead of directly across from the door.

Feng Shui Help for Study Areas

These are just a few of the feng shui principles and remedies for creating a better study space for your child. When applied correctly, you will notice a significant improvement in not just your child’s grades, but your child’s attitude toward homework.

photo courtesy Wikimedia via Creative Commons, Design Folly via Creative Commons Flickr and Pixabay.


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