Feel Stuck? Feng Shui Can Help!

Feel Stuck? Feng Shui Can Help!

If you feel that you’re stuck in a pattern or your life isn’t moving forward, consider a feng shui principle to help you. In feng shui, there’s an ancient practice that was born of a Chinese proverb. This feng shui technique can help when you feel as though you’re in a rut. Whenever you feel as though you can’t move forward, feng shui recommends that you move 27 objects in your home.

It’s perhaps the simplest way to unblock stagnant chi energy. Reportedly, this simple technique can have profound results in changing the energy flow in your home and/or workplace. Many people have been amazed at the results and make it regular practice during their cleaning routine.

Move 27 Things to Generate Renewed Chi Energy

This method, although simple, is more complex than it may appear on the surface. By changing the location of 27 objects, the chi energy that may have been stagnant is forced to move when the objects are moved. Think of the energy as though it were water flowing through your home. When you move objects out of the flow, water will rush to fill in the vacant space.

Chi energy is the life-force of all things. In order to attract auspicious energy into your home and life, it must be able to flow naturally throughout your environment.

Which Objects to Move?

There are several opinions on how to move objects and how to select which ones you should move. Some Feng Shui Practitioners believe you can simply light the objects and reset them in their original places. This theory states that it is the simple movement of the space surrounding the object that frees up the chi energy.

Others, like Feng  Shui Master Lillian Too, believe you need to move the objects to a different location. While it doesn’t need to be any more than two or three inches, the objects you choose to move should never be set back in their original positions. To do so doesn’t provide enough movement to stimulate the chi energy to effectively move. Simply lifting and lowering the object doesn’t unstick the chi energy lodged there. You have to give is more than a simple bump to get it to flow once more.

Lillian Too suggests that you implement this practice no less than once a month. You can do it weekly if you feel the chi energy hasn’t sufficiently budged. Too also recommends that you move furniture as well as decorative objects. Again, you can move the furniture a few inches for this method to be effective.

The Magic Number 27 

The number of objects you need to move may seem like an odd number. What makes 27 such a magic number? In feng shui, anytime you use multiples of 9, you are using the most auspicious combinations of number energy. The number 27 is considered to be a very powerful yang number that brings high energy and power. Since yang (male) energy is active and stimulates life. Yang energy pushes activity forward and is considered the creative side of chi energy.

In feng shui, the movement and flow of chi energy outside and inside your home is necessary in order that auspicious energy flows into and throughout your life.

If you’re seeking to change things in your life, create new opportunities, get life back on track, then you may be surprised how moving 27 objects in your home can literally create these changes. While it may sound superstitious, it is simple energy and how to aid it in moving differently in your home and life.

Change the Path of Your Life

Chi energy can become stagnant the same way non-moving water will grow stagnant. So, if you feel your life is stuck and isn’t moving forward the way you wish or even in the direction you want, try this technique. If you do it on a regular basis, you may be very surprised how effect it can be to get things flowing your way once more.

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