Family Recipes Christmas Gift

Family Recipes Christmas Gift

Everyone has favorite family recipes. If you’re like me, there’s a box filled with recipes scribbled on various sizes of papers, envelopes, recipe cards and even paper towels. These cherished jewels aren’t forgotten they’re just waiting to be rescued. 

Creating a Family Recipe Book

My grandmother and my mom were great cooks and bakers. My four aunts all share in owning that gift. Family get-togethers, which were often, stand out in my memories of love, warmth and of course, amazing food!

They are all gone, but I have the joy of owning some of their amazing recipes. Each made one of my favorite recipes.

For example, my aunts:

  • Kitty always made an incredible coconut cake for family meals.
  • Sallie was known for her killer ambrosia.
  • Mary made the best yeast rolls
  • Annie made a super vegetable casserole.

My grandmother taught them all how to cook/bake. On birthdays, she made every member of the family a beautifully decorated cake. She’d always ask, “What do you want for decorations?” My mom created a Chocolate Pound Cake recipe that is too beyond decadent.

And, the list goes on and on. When I was first married, I was a member of a women’s group. Every year, we held an auction and did a recipe swap with samples of each recipe. The recipes were then placed in a 5″ x7″ ringed binder that each person brought to the auction. Each year, we’d get to add more recipes to our binders. The women in this group were all ages and some of the best cooks/bakers I’ve ever known as well as crafters, since we auctioned off Christmas ornaments and decorations we each made. It was a lot of fun!

So, I decided to borrow the idea of a 5″ x 7″ or larger binder filled wtih family recipes that could be added to each year.

Make A Family Recipe Book

I believe that sharing family recipes is a great way to remember those who are no longer with us. If you are lucky enough to have recipes in your family member’s handwriting, then you have a treasure trove. It doesn’t take much to create a cherished collection of family favorites.

  • Scan the original recipe and save as a jpg.
  • Create a type-written version of the recipe for easy reading and following.
  • Add a photo of your family member.
  • Decorate the recipe pages with virtual scrapbook embellishment.
  • Share a memory page for each recipe, ideally one of your relative who penned the recipe.
  • Create a photo collage page of the recipe relative and the person you’re gifting the recipe book to.
  • Design a front and back cover for your book.
  • Be creative and think of other ways to enhance each page.
  • Compile your family recipes pages.
  • Create an eBook version and a printed version.

Store the eBook on a decorative pen drive and tie it with a decorative ribbon or pin it to a bookmarker placed with the print version.

You can print the pages whatever size your binder is or go all out and have it bound. The ring binder just makes it easier to add more family recipes. 

New Family Tradition

You can take this idea and adapt it to your family. For example, you might want your siblings and cousins to add to the family recipe book next year. You could have a family gathering with each bringing the recipe and the baked product for unique family holiday fun.

photos: Shimelle LaineBetsy Weberliz westPhil Roeder and Pexels.



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