Fall Front Door Decorating Ideas

Fall Front Door Decorating Ideas


Time to get your Fall on with these fall front door decorating ideas! Grab that empty bushel basket and fill it with potted daisies or mums. Place to one side of your front door or steps and add a couple of pumpkins and gourds of different sizes and heights. You can recreate the same look for the other side of the door so your design is symmetrical


Other naturals you can use include the classic look of corn shocks or a stack of birch limbs (tie an orange or plaid ribbon around them). If you live where there are four seasons, then you should have lots of colorful leaves waiting to be raked. Place these in a rustic basket to add great texture and color.

Create a Fall Vignette

If you have small outdoor tables, pedestals or a rocking chair, you have the opportunity to create a vignette on a front porch.

  • Sacrifice the rocker to display a basket filled with mums and several pumpkins and gourds.
  • Let your design flow from the chair to the floor and/or tables/pedestals.
  • Place smaller baskets filled with mums and leaves along with more pumpkins and gourds.
  • Frame a porch swing with hay bales, mums, pumpkins and gourds.
  • Place mums and pumpkins on the outer sides of steps.

Make Your Door Stand Out


A fall wreath is perfect for your front door. You can purchase one or better yet, why not repurpose an old Christmas wreath?

Repurpose Old Wreath

It’s easy to repurpose an old wreath that still has nice greenery. If the greenery isn’t a nice as it was, you can change it with a little spray paint.

  • Remove the Christmas-themed ornaments and elements. 
  • Add sprigs of colorful leaves attached to wreath with florist wire.
  • Glue acorns and nuts onto the wreath (use hot glue gun).
  • Glue colorful fall flowers.
  • Add a solid or plaid bow.

Photo Opportunity


Stand back and survey your creation. Shift things around or add other fall elements until you have the vignette the way you envisioned. Be sure to take a photo or two of your creation and start a scrapbook of your holiday decorations.

Family Portraits

When family comes for Thanksgiving, you now have the perfect backdrop for snapping those cherished family portraits.  Use the swing vignette, the front door or the steps for posing your loved ones for those special moment captured forever.

Other Front Door Decorations


There are other ways you can decorate your front door for fall. 

  • Hang a flag or banner.
  • Place a seasonal wooden sign over the door.
  • Fall flowers can be planted in planters and urns and placed on either side of your front door or steps.
  • Woodland animal garden figurines are great additions to a front door vignette.
  • Outdoor pillows and curtains can replace summer ones for a fall look.

Celebrate the Fall Season

Make the fall season one of celebrating the beautiful color changes nature brings to your doorstep. By decorating your front door and surrounding area, you can capture the excitement of the season for all to enjoy!


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"Everyone can have a beautiful home decor. It just takes a little creativity," says author and freelance writer Sally Painter. This former commercial and residential designer is also a Feng Shui practitioner and believes that, "Everything you choose to put in your home should resonate with you emotionally. If it doesn't - get rid of it!"