Coin Use in Feng Shui

Coin Use in Feng Shui

There are many symbolic items used in feng shui that are believed to provide not only good luck but activate energies of each sector. Chinese coins are a fun symbol that are used to remedy wealth and finances. 

Chinese Coins for Feng Shui Use

Chinese coins have a square opening in the center. The key to this being a successful cure for financial woes is to use coins from a positive dynasty and never a troubled or tumultuous one. Most retailers provide coins from the dynasties considered auspicious.

  • Select three, six or nine coins tied together by red ribbon or cord forming a straight line.
  • Suspend the coins on the wall or place on a table, bookcase or desk.
  • If placing on a flat surface, be sure the Chinese characters side is face up for good luck.

If you are seeking an increase in work-related income, you can place the coins in the north sector of your home or office as well since it governs career.

Coin Cures

Feng shui principles dictate the use of coins as cures or remedies for inauspicious aspects in a home or office. Coins are symbols of affluence, wealth and prosperity, but also can be used as a metal element to activate specific energies.

Activating Wealth Sector

One of the most commonly recognized uses of coins in feng shui applications is to activate the wealth sector that’s located in the southeast (SE) sector or corner of a room in your home or office.

If a client is suffering financial losses or in need of generating greater income, a feng shui practitioner will often suggest adding a grouping of three or six Chinese coins that are threaded together with either a red cord or ribbon.

Other Ways to Use Feng Shui and Coins

There are other areas and ways to use coins in feng shui applications:

  • Place where financial documents and papers are kept.
  • A coin sealed inside a Chinese red envelope can be slipped in your purse to increase cash flow.
  • Shop retailers can place beside or on the cash register to boost sales and stabilize/increase shop business.
  • Sales people can set coins on top of their sales order book, pad beside computer or phone.
  • Use the coins as a screen saver on your computer to boost work income.
  • If you run a retail shop, the best place for coins is on or near the cash register. This will encourage sales and increase the financial stability of your shop.
  • Red envelopes with the “Double Knot of Happiness” are used to hold money gifts to newlyweds.

Chinese Coins and Animal Luck

Chinese coins are placed in the mouths of various animal statues considered good luck icons. One very popular symbol is the three-legged toad. This good luck feng shui symbol sits on top of a stack of coins with a Chinese coin held in his mouth.

The toad is typically gold colored or red resin and the presenter of good luck. Make sure when placing the coin in his mouth that the characters face up for auspicious results.

Where to Place Three-Legged Toad

You can place this good luck symbol in the SE sector of your home or corner of your office. Be sure the toad faces into the room, never out or toward a door. If you set it facing the door, then any money coming to you will simply leap out of your hands.

A home office is a great place for the three-legged toad. Place it on the SE corner of your desk, facing you while you work.

Feng Shui Good Luck Coins

In the Chinese culture and especially feng shui, coins have always been a good luck symbol. Their use in feng shui applications is to generate and stimulate the flow of wealth and income. Place them correctly and you can also reap the benefits of wealth luck.


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