8 Ways to Use Wallpaper

8 Ways to Use Wallpaper


You can use wallpaper on things other than walls to create some very decorative additions to your home decor.

#1 Kitchen Cabinets

A clever way to decorate cabinets that also creates a surprise is to wallpaper the interior of kitchen cabinets. Select a colorful patterned wallpaper and apply it to the back wall of the cabinet. This technique gives you an instant pop of color(s) whenever you open the door.

Cabinet Doors

You can also use wallpaper on the outside of cabinet doors. Select a pattern and then cut into the shape you wish, such as an oval, rectangle, square, etc and then frame it with narrow width molding. Be sure to seal the wallpaper so it will be waterproof and easy to clean. (Test sealant on scrap piece prior to applying to cabinet doors.)

#2 Framed for Wall Art

You can often find leftover rolls and pieces of wallpaper at yard sales or attic sales. These can be collected for a grouping of framed wall art. Use a chevron pattern for a contemporary décor appeal.

Choose papers that fit your color scheme. You may want to create mini collages or simply cut the paper into the shape of animals or birds.

#3 Refurbish Tables

Scarred and worn tables can be refurbished with a piece of wallpaper. Go for a cottage country look in a bedroom design with a small rosebud wallpaper for nightstands.

Under Glass

Simply cut the paper to fit and have a piece of glass for each nightstand cut at the local glass shop. Set the glass on top of the wallpaper and you have an instant new look. This technique can be used for any table, such as a coffee table or a larger table like a dining table, craft table or home office desk.

The best thing about this technique is you can change out the wallpaper for a different pattern whenever you wish a newer look.

You can get creative with this idea by cutting out various shapes of wallpaper and design a colorful collage underneath the glass top.

#4 Bookcase

Create a new look for a tired bookcase by adding wallpaper to the back wall. You may prefer a shabby chic or bohemian look by using different colors for each shelf.

#5 Decorative Wall Panels

If you’re tired of your plain four walls, but can’t afford to wallpaper the entire room, create a few lightweight panels complete with frames and add them in odd numbers, such as 3 or 5 to an accent wall.

If your home features paneled wainscoting, you might add wallpaper inserts to the panels below the chair rail for a unique decorating touch.

#6 Spruce Up Closets

You can wallpaper the interior of a linen closet or pantry to transform drab to chic. Highlight the back wall of a closet with attractive wallpaper. If the closet is deep, try a reflective wallpaper to brighten it.

Line the wall behind a shelving unit with great wallpaper to spice up a pantry or storage closet.

#7 Decorative Box

Wallpaper can be used as a decoupage medium. Adhere the wallpaper to a plain craft box and apply coatings to give it a decoupage effect. You can use any style or shape of box. If you’re a crafter and like to decoupage purses, wallpaper is an excellent way to create unique designs.

#8 Room Divider

Lightweight boards can be primed and then hinged together to create an inexpensive folding room divider or decorative floor screen. You can either wallpaper both sides or wallpaper one side and simply paint the opposite side.

Creative Solutions with Wallpaper

These are just a few of the ways you can use wallpaper remnants to decorate and add depth to your home decor.

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