6 Fall Cleaning Money Saving Tips

6 Fall Cleaning Money Saving Tips

The kids went back to school, and we already stored the inflatable pool away until next summer. Sadly, autumn is here. And with its approach comes the necessary autumn cleaning.

I always like to stress that the autumn cleaning should be called preventive cleaning. Why? Because during winter you wouldn’t want to tackle this and that – rather, you’d want to stay tucked under the blanket with a cup of hot chocolate in hand. Autumn is the time to prepare your home for the cold months. It’s important to fix leaks, broken or damaged insulation and reapply caulk where it’s missing. And, of course, you should make your home spotless to meet the holiday season.

Contrary to common belief, you don’t need to spend a fortune on your cleaning products to do a proper cleaning of your property. Just follow my advice and you’ll be able to clean your property to perfection and save a lot of money along the way, too.

#1 Fix Small Problems

Fix small problems before they grow into big ones. Check pipes for leaks, windows and their caulk, inspect your insulation. Carry out the necessary repairs. This, too, may not seem the logical thing to do when we’re talking about money-saving fall cleaning, but this simple thing can save you thousands of pounds/dollars in the long run.

#2 Clean Your Gutters

Nobody likes gutter cleaning. I used to hate it, too (and, to be honest, I still do), but I realized that it was very essential when I paid a few thousand pounds after my basement got flooded, my roof got damaged and I even had to repaint the house. So, clean your gutters, it’ll save you a lot of money, believe me.

#3 Revolutionize Your Cleaning Products

You can buy ten different cleaning products to treat each surface in your home, but the truth is that you can clean almost everything in your home using a mild soap and warm water solution. Or you can create your very own cleaning products. They’ll be a lot cheaper than those you can buy at the local supermarket; and I guarantee they’ll do the same job as market-bought detergents.

#4 Clean Regularly

The key to saving money when cleaning is to maintain the good condition in your home. The quicker you clean the stain on the carpet, the easier it’ll be to remove it and you won’t have to treat the area with harsh chemicals (which are really costly). On top of that, if you clean your home regularly, you’ll increase the lifespan of your appliances and furniture – and that’s always money-saving.

#5 Fertilize Your Grass

Autumn is the time to take care of your yard, people. Your lawn probably lost its vivid green color due to the extreme weather it was subjected to throughout summer. Unless you want to spend hundreds of pounds/dollars breathing a new life into it when spring comes, you should fertilize it when fall settles. A good fertilizer will boost the growth of both the blades of the grass and of its roots, too. And when spring arrives, you’ll have a thick green lawn worthy of envy.

#6 Clean the Chimney

It’s of pivotal importance to clean your chimney before you start using the fireplace regularly. This will prevent domestic fires and it’ll help you reduce heat loss from the fireplace, too.

All in all, autumn is the time to ensure that everything in your home works well, isn’t broken and is ready for the winter cold. And if you do a proper cleaning during fall, you’ll have more time to relax by the fireplace in winter.

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