Why Does My Car Collect Junk? Keeping Car Clean

Why Does My Car Collect Junk? Keeping Car Clean
My Ice Blue Ford Focus with Sync - Love it!
My Ice Blue Ford Focus with Sync – Love it!

Does your car simply collect junk no matter how hard you try to keep it clean? If you have children, keeping car clean is even more of a challenge. My car seems to just collect things even though I do my best to keep it nice inside. Cleaning out my car on a regular basis isn’t an easy task, either.

I love my little ice blue, Ford Focus with Sync technology. It gets great gas mileage (37 to 38 on Interstate), is cute and is fun to drive. Even though it is small, this little car has some get up and go when I need for it to have that. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever had a car that I love as much as this one.

Keeping Car Clean 

I want to keep it in pristine condition, I truly do. Enter again, my kids. I can clean out my car and within one day they have clutter back in it. School papers, notebooks, books they are reading, clothes, shoes and purses are just a few of the things I clean out of my car on a weekly basis. Some things I do:

  • Throw out trash every time we return home.
  • Insist the kids take their “stuff” inside with them.
  • Vacuum the car out once a week on the same day.
  • Enlist the kids’ help wiping down the interior of the car.
  • Run the car through a car wash at least once a month.

Keeping Car Clean When You Have Kids

The other day, my youngest wanted some of my cover up for a blemish she had on her face. It is foundation that you pump out of the bottle. This normally wouldn’t have been a problem, except that I was driving. Being the good example that I am, I fished around in my purse for the bottle, shook the ingredients up really well and proceeded to have her hold her finger out for a little squirt of the foundation. Unfortunately, the end fo the bottle was clogged and when I hit that pump trigger, the plug popped out and foundation exploded all over the inside of my car. Now, I need to take a toothbrush and some gentle cleanser and attempt to get creamy natural foundation off my dash and steering gear. Joy!

Luckily, the girls are getting a little older. As I vacuumed out the floor, I found one shriveled up McDonald’s French fry under the floor mat that had missed the diner’s mouth. Or maybe they were saving it for later? At least this latest car doesn’t have chewing gum on the floor or red Kool-aid stains.

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