Vitamin Chase

Like most moms, I get a brilliant idea from time to time. Swine flu is a big scare this year and it has already appeared at their school. I read an article about how Vitamin D is supposed to help prevent kids from getting the Swine flu. It took me about two seconds to head out the door, on my way to buy some Vitamin D. While at it, I added some Vitamin C to the mix.

Now, every night after dinner, I hand out a multi and the two new vitamins to my family and insist they eat them. So far they haven’t gotten Swine flu, so it’s working. Right?

Crabby Housewife

Crabby Housewife

Lori is a full-time housewife and writer, living in the Midwest with her husband of 27 years - they have two daughters. They have a house full of pets and her house is never quite perfect.