Octo-mom: Parenting lessons from octoplets mother Nadya Suleman

Nadya Suleman

Nadya Suleman, mother to octoplets

There are parenting lessons from octoplets mother Nadya Suleman that I learned. Bear with me on these. I am not saying she is a good mother, just that we can learn from her mistakes.

  1. Just because you can have more children, doesn’t mean you should have more children. Just because you have the ability, doesn’t mean you have the means or ability to care for a gazillion children. Nadya Suleman is counting on some endorsements and public funding to help pay for her 14 children and their upbringing. But, what happens when that funding doesn’t come through or falls flat. Do you know how much it costs to raise 8 babies at one time? Just how much money does Nadya need to raise the octuplets? According to CPA Stacy Francis’ article, she’ll need a whoppping $82,282.00 a year until her children are grown. Yikes!
  2.  Make sure your family is in your corner. Probably one of Nadya’s harshest critics has been her mother. How sad that her mother is not more protective of her daughter, but it seems that she is genuinely concerned about the mental health and well-being of all involved. As parents, we can do so much more when we have a good support system in place to help us through life’s trials. If your parents or in-laws are not suitable, try to find other support through extended family or friends.
  3. Be on time. Apparently Nadya was late for a social services visit to her home. Acorrding to Portland Parenting Examiner, Sunshine Simmons, Ms. Suleman was scheduled for an in-home inspection by Kaiser Permanente social workers, but she failed to show up for the meeting. The babies will not be released to her until items are fixed.
  4. Keep your children safe from harm. Although this one should be common sense, there are actually a list of things that Nadya Suleman must take care of before the Octo-mom is allowed to take any of the octuplets home. Many of these items are common sense, baby proofing, such as moving any cords out of reach and a safety guard on the fireplace.

Whether Nadya will be able to handle her life as the mother to octuplets and six other small children remains to be seen. Many people have their doubts about her ability and her sanity. However, we can all learn from her mistakes and the mistakes of others. As her life is splashed out publicly for all to see, it becomes very clear what not to do as a parent.


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