Nayda Suleman – mother to whom octuplets were born

Nayda Suleman, the mother to whom octuplets were born recently, has had quite a bit of bad press, but is it all deserved? True, she already had six children and choosing to have eight more while single and jobless seems a bit… well… insane. However, the fact that she chose life for those eight babies, rather than selective abortions (keeping only the ones she wanted) should give her a few brownie points. It’s doubtful she thought she’d ever carry all eight embryos to term. In fact, octuplets are rare. She also seems to geniunely love her children.

My heart also goes out to her for the way her own mother has publicly spoken against Nayda. Yes, her mother is aggravated with her choices, but can you imagine your own mother going on national television and saying bad things about you?

So, what are your thoughts? Love her? Hate her? Feel sorry for her? Think she’s trying to live off welfare? Think she’s just insane? Please post your comments below.




Crabby Housewife

Crabby Housewife

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