Louisville Zoo’s Endangered Baby Bongo

Baby bongoSummer is the perfect time to visit the Louisville Zoo and this August is no exception. On August 14th, a baby bongo was proudly welcomed to the zoo. The baby is a female that was around 50 pounds. Both baby and mother are just fne.

“We are elated about this birth,” said Louisville Zoo Assistant Mammal Curator Candy McMahan. “The calf is spunky and curious–very independent; and Kaya is a good mother–very nurturing and attentive.”

Bongos are the largest among forest antelopes. Their native land is Africa’s mountain forests. There are only around 500 other bongos at zoos around the world. The Louisville Zoo is home to five of those bongos.

The baby has not yet been named, but should be on display each day, whether and circumstances permitting.

Crabby Housewife

Crabby Housewife

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