How to Make Your House Smell Like Christmas

I love the smells and tastes of Christmas, don’t you? There is nothing quite like the smell of homemade cookies baking in the oven, a real Christmas tree, or cinnamon. It brings back so many happy memories. Who wouldn’t want their house to smell like Christmas?

Fortunately, there are some simple ways you can achieve this smell in your home for pennies.

Christmas Scent Ideas

Here are a few ideas to make your house smell like Christmas.

  • Slice an orange in half and place it, some cinnamon sticks and a teaspoon of nutmug in a pot of water. Simmer on the stove on low all day (don’t leave the house and forget it, though!).
  • Diffuse an essential oil, such as Young Living’s Christmas Spirit essential oil. This oil has an amazing smell of oranges, cinnmon and spruce. Disclaimer: I also sell Young Living, should you be interested in more info on the many benefits of this product. You can sign up for your own account here or simply place an order as a customer.
  • Put essential oils on reeds or cotton balls and tuck into hidden places for bursts of scent. There are so many you can use, from citrus scents, to Black Spruce, to the Biblical Gold (orange), Frankinsence and Mhyrr. I also got a flyer in the mail from my upline this week that suggested peppermint and spearmint oils for a candy cane smell. Yum!
  • Bake cookies in the oven. You can even throw them out if you don’t want to eat them, but the smell will linger in your home for hours. This is an old realtor trick used to sell houses by making them feel homey.

These are just a few ideas to bring the smell of Christmas into your home. With just a little effort, the scents of Christmas will help your own children and those who visit your home build happy memories that will come back each time they smell that scent.

Crabby Housewife

Author: Crabby Housewife

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