Dust Bunnies Don’t Bite

Did you know that if you don’t dust under your refrigerator for four years that the dust turns into these little creatures that have eyes and float across the floor when you do finally move the appliance and let them breathe fresh air for the first time in ages? Even though dust bunnies can look really scary, they don’t actually bite. They may, however, make you sneeze and give you an embarrassing moment or two as the appliance repair guy grimaces and tries to hide his horror at your poor housekeeping. So, with that in mind, and remembering the last time someone moved my furniture and appliances when I wasn’t prepared, I have made a commitment to dust under my furniture at least once every few months.

Today seemed like a pretty good day to attempt this, since my husband is on a camping trip. However, the fridge is really heavy and the wheels don’t really seem to help much. So, instead, I cleaned out the front panel at the bottom with Q-tips and then ran the broom down each side. That’s probably good enough, isn’t it? Okay, it didn’t really get the dust bunnies. I’m going to have to wait for Scott to get home to clean it right. What can I say? I tried.

Crabby Housewife

Crabby Housewife

Lori is a full-time housewife and writer, living in the Midwest with her husband of 27 years - they have two daughters. They have a house full of pets and her house is never quite perfect.